Research students

Students please note: The only student positions currently available are for masters students with alternative funding sources (scholarships or teaching assistantships) or for current OSU undergraduate students interested in research (must have taken or currently be taking fluid mechanics). At this point no funding is available to support Masters or PhD students, Postdocs, or any type of summer internships for non-OSU students.


—————-  Current research students in alphabetical order —————–

  • Abigail Clark – Graduate research student

Abigail Clark is currently pursuing a MS in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Engineering Education. She began working with Dr. Belloni during the summer of 2019 and is researching various low-head hydropower options. Prior to coming to Ohio State, she worked for several years as a researcher at Battelle Memorial Institute, also located in Columbus, where she worked on the development of unique systems and equipment for a variety of clients.  She earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio Northern University in 2012. Outside of school, Abigail is a volunteer with the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland and likes to read, bake, and play board games with her family and friends.


  • Simon Conover – Undergraduate research student

Simon Conover is currently pursuing a BS in Mechanical Engineering here at Ohio State. He has recently joined the Hydro and Aero Energy group in Spring 2020, and will be performing Experimental Research involving Hydropower topics. He hopes to pursue a career in the Renewable Energy field




  • TJ Erb – Graduate research student

TJ is currently pursuing his MS in mechanical engineering and has been with the Hydro and Aero Energy Group since the spring of 2018. His undergraduate thesis work focused on flow velocity characterization in an experimental flume to support analysis of turbine and weir performances in an experimental flume. His current work focuses on developing an experimental flume laboratory experience for ME3503 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics.



  • Anna Lebron – Undergraduate research student
Anna C. Lebron grew up in Puerto Rico, and is now a student at the Ohio State University, and is currently pursuing a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. She joined the Hydro and Aero Energy Group during the summer of 2020. Anna is very passionate about renewable energy and is very interested in fluid dynamics, hydropower, and hydrokinetic energy. After finishing her bachelor’s degree, she looks forward to attending grad school and learning more about renewable energy and its technologies.



  • Tommy Malkus – Graduate research student

Tommy is an M.S. mechanical engineering student, working on CFD/aeroacoustics modeling of wind turbines, with the high hopes of helping to bring the cost of wind energy down. Tommy also holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics from The Ohio State University. He joined the hydro and Aero Energy Group in Spring 2018 and completed an undergraduate thesis simulating and optimizing a low head hydro turbine employing free surface CFD.



  • Eddie Ondrejech – Undergraduate research student

Eddie Ondrejech is pursuing a BS in Mechanical Engineering and has been in the Hydro and Aero Energy group since Summer 2020.  He is interested in experimental work on hydropower topics, and has dreams of starting a company after he graduates college.  In his spare time Eddie likes to hike, read, work on projects, and play piano.



  • Reilly Smith – Undergraduate research student

Reilly Smith is a third year undergraduate student pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree. Reilly joined the Hydro and Aero Group in January 2020 and is interested in simulation work on hydropower topics. He is originally from Cincinnati and has had experience with Procter and Gamble in the past.





  • Xiaoran Zha – Undergraduate research student

Xiaoran is a junior mechanical engineering student. He’s interested in hydrokinetic energy and intends to perform an undergraduate thesis on CFD simulation of hydrokinetic turbines. He plans to go to graduate school to learn more on simulation and fluid mechanics.







——————-  GROUP ALUMNI ——————-

  • Jaikeun Chung  — Jaikeun worked on CFD simulations of hydrokinetic turbines as part of an undergraduate research thesis in AY18/19.
  • Michael Scherping  —  Michael Scherping completed an undergraduate thesis performing experimental work on the Williams Cross Flow Turbine in collaboration with Central State University.
  • Daniel Bonavita — laboratory research intern in summer 2018