Research topics

Overview of ongoing research by current group members:

Low-head hydropower for unpowered dams/weirs

 The group is evaluating turbine technology for low-head hydropower as well as the environmental impact through simulation (CFD) and experimental analysis. We collaborate with Central State University (experimental facilities and turbine design) as well as the Hamilton startup kWRiver Hydrolectric. The experimental work is beingperformed at Central State University and the simulation based work is performed with support from the OSU SIMCenter.


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Hydrokinetic turbines for tidal and river applications

 The group is conducting CFD analyses of the Smart Hydro Power Free stream turbine that has been developed for canal applications. The analysis focusses on power prediction through CFD study including prediction of particular installation conditions. Turbine and measurement data is provided by German start-up Smart Hydro Power GmbH.


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