Photo reflection project

This assignment is to help us learning how to  understand a job. I will introduce two jobs which are provided by And all of information is come from that website. My peer of this assignment is Yiwen Chung.

Senior Accounting Manager

The first job I will talk about is Senior Accounting Manager. It is a job that has the average salary of $93,923 per year and almost every senior accounting manager is extremely satisfied with their job. They typically oversees a team of accountants, accounts receivable clerks and accounts payable processors.

This chart shows the most popular skills for this job and what effect each skill has on pay. (From

This chart shows the most popular skills for this job and what effect each skill has on pay. (From

Although the salary of this job is considerable, but it does not fit with my major which is computer science. It is not a good choice for me even though it is concerned with computer all the time, because I will not learn things about accounting at the university. People will have higher salary when they have accumulated numerous experiences because two-thirds of senior accounting manager in America are seasoned employees who have more than 10 years of experiences in this field, and it has a wide range of the salary which is from $59,551 to $139,886. This means that it can be a long term job and the income will increase year by year. The job is more suitable for females because the rate of them is greater than males, which is 57%. And, what’s more, accounting manager is also a job that people can be proud of. Their working atmosphere is another element that makes this job so charming to lots of applicants. The daily wearing of senior accounting managers is tie and suit, which looks much better than just a loose T-shirt, and they always seat in a tidy, bright office with all kinds of tools around them. Every company needs talents in this area and people who majored in it can find a job easily after graduate.

Senior Fashion Designer

The second job is Senior Fashion Designer. The salary for this work is not as much as previous one. The average number of its income is $87,235 and the range is from $60,472 to $128,987. People who work on this job are highly satisfied with their job because it provides them sufficient freedoms. Senior fashion designer works in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment in which they must be aware of emerging trend. This job does matter with the computer major and people can use computers to design things they want. However, it is still not a good choice for me because my goal is to working as an application designer or something like that.

Pay by experience level for senior fashion designer. (From

Pay by experience level for senior fashion designer. (From

Of course the job is well-paid but I think the more freedoms is more important than it. The largest group of people working on this field has 10-19 years’ experience and the rate of them is 45%. People will have highest pay when they have over 20 years career in this area and it is much more than the first 5 years. The job is significant because it will guide the public sight. It will affect peoples’ opinion that how to identify what is the fashion in recent days. Being a good fashion designer is not an easy work and people always need to pay numerous attentions on their job. However, the feedback of their hard working is always worthy.

10 thoughts on “Photo reflection project

  1. Good explanation of these two jobs.
    Actually, I am a little bit interested in designing, but it is true, as you said, this job always get much attention from different kinds of people. You need to satisfy the public. To some extent, maybe troublesome.
    I think computer science is really a good major in college. Hope you can do very well in this field.

  2. It is an interesting photo reflection assignment as far as I am concerned. Although your recommended jobs are quite different from my recommended jobs, your jobs are also fascinating like mine. By the way, I prefer to high-paid jobs, which may be different from your thoughts. What’s more, I am bad at designing. As the result of that, I think it would be fantastic to be a designer like your second recommended job. In all, it is quite enjoyable for me to read your photo reflection assignment.

  3. For Senior Accounting Manager, I am wondering if there is a job title without “Senior”, so that the salary data is more accurate ($93,923 is extremely high, comparing to other jobs’ average salary given by the website). The same consideration applies to Senior Fashion Designer. Your descriptions about both jobs’ characteristics are good, and the article is very informative. The first one sounds more attractive for me, although I am going to be a programmer (perhaps the same as you).

  4. I love fashion design and clothes, but I prefer high pay job which is commensurate with the cost of living. I enjoy wearing and watching clothes . my mom always ask me about my opinion when she go to shop. I think it would be fantastic to be a designer.

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