Project Dissemination–Social Work 1130

description of the activities

When I first time saw this semester-long project, I did a lot of thinking about what topic to choose. There are numerous social problem in recent society and I need to pick a knowledgeable, serious and profound problem to discuss. So, I listed many possible topic and finally picked one of them. After that, I began to do countless related research of this social problem and some possible issue. Then, I summarized the information that I got from the internet and my previous experience. And then I was trying to found out the reason why the income gap exist and some possible solution that will be helpful to deal with it.



Firstly, I discovered the two completely different life style in China. Poor people in countryside and rich1896106075 people in big city. Those poor people in China even hard to purchase daily use stuff. They have to work hard to farm to make themselves have enough food. In some place of China, people even do not have enough water. But people who live in city, they do not need to worry about that if the weather will destroy crops. They can eat whatever they want and they never lack clothes. Their life is different because of the income inequality.


So, what makes income gap so wide in China? Here is what I found. The principal reason is the education level. It did affect a people’s experience of finding a job. Personal factor is also impact a person’s job. Most companies do not like workers who are lazy and fractious. After that, some specific skills is also an important element that cause income gap. Some store are only hiring people with some specific skills like computer. And also, the growing of technology makes some people who are in trouble using those high-technology machine lost their job. Talking about whole society, the capabilities of labor market is also significant that the working opportunities is limited. This does make many people hard to get a job. The gender will also affect the working opportunity. There are still many job that only for male or female in nowadays society. Finally, the area is also a significant part that cause the income gap. People will face different amount of working place in different area, like countryside and city. People who are in trouble of finding a job will get low paid so that their life become terrible.7ce36c72d748a61ced3e3725a4223bf1


After that, I did more research about how to reduce income gap. Here is what I found. First of all, it is necessary to reduce the unemployment. It is the responsibility for a government to increase the capability of labor market, or they need to become the employer to provide more job for those poor people. Another significant field is educational quality. By increasing that, people will enjoy higher level education and it will be easier for them to find a job. Meanwhile, the government should focus more on those small town’s economy. And also, increasing the social welfare and decreasing the tax rate will be helpful too to help those poor people.

Interesting and Benefit things

The most interesting things while I am doing the whole process is that I found many point of views that I never thought about. For 1761272344example, the growing of technology is the opinion that I never considered with. It is unfair with those old adult that are only able to use old machine. Companies will hire young people with highly skills of using high-technology machine and those old people will lose their job. And there is an unexpected opinion that gender will also cause income gap. This is so sad because everyone should be treated equally nowadays. And here is a serious fact that China supports 20 percent of the world population with only 7 percent of is water. On top of that the North China Plain is home to about 42 percent of China’s population but only has 8 percent of the country’s water resources.



There do have many aspects that affect the people’s opportunities to get a job and cause the income inequalities. Chinese government already set plenty of relative policies to dealing with it but income gap is still one of the most serious social problem recently. However, the good news is that there are numerous helpful methods to help those poor people and reduce income inequalities. I believe that if Chinese government keep working on reducing unemployment rate and provided more social welfare for poor people, the income gap will disappear on day.


After doing this research project, I learned a lot about income gap and I really sympathize those people who having trouble to keep their daily life. Really hope the solution that I found is helpful and one day everyone can enjoy the same and fair life.

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