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Welcome to my EDUTL1901 site. This course contain four project and it has shown on this site. All of them are helpful and let’s begin with the introduction of myself.


Current situation

Hello everyone, my name is Yunxuan Hu. I am a general Chinese student from Taiyuan. It is the place where I was born and live. I have to say that I love Taiyuan the most since I visited many cities in China. Suitable climate and leisurely living style brings Taiyuan a comment that it is one of the most beatific city in China.

The photo is the night view of Taiyuan city, which is my favorite city. (Photo source: Taiyuan city from Baidu images.)

The photo is the night view of Taiyuan city, which is my favorite city. (Photo source: Taiyuan city from Baidu images.)

I lived here with my parents and they both have a steady job. My mother is a doctor of gynecology and obstetrics and she is working in Taiyuan Tiesanju hospital. My father is a general manager of a company named Helpall, and the company is running by making advertisements for others. I do not have any brothers or sisters but I have three cousin. I love all of my family members, especially my parents because they brings me a harmonious family. I graduated from my senior high school in 6/1/2015 and then experienced a gap year. I attended ACT preparatory courses first to get admission to OSU, and I have done some English reading or listening practice to help me better prepared for my college life recently. Meanwhile, I also continue serving as a volunteer helper in our community hospital as I did in the past three summers. In my rest time, I always spend time playing basketball. It is my favorite sports that can help me to exercise myself and release the pressure. Watching movies and listening music is also my interests and they are part of my life.

The past years of my life

I was born in 1/22/1997. I lived with my grandparents when I was very young and I have spent a joyous childhood. I went to my primary school, Shanxi experimental primary school when I was 7 years old.

It is the Water House in Maldives, and it was shot by me.

It is the Water House in Maldives, and it was shot by me.

It was the largest elementary school in my hometown. Shanxi experimental middle school was my next step and I started my higher level study life there. Here I must say that a brilliant activity happened every summer since I graduated from primary school and has become a tradition of my family, which is travel. I went to Jiangxi province when I was 12 years old and that was the first trip of my life. I fell in love with that wonderful experience and traveled with my parents every year. When I graduated from middle school, I visited Maldives and that was the first time I went to a foreign country. After that, I went to Taiyuan Tongxin foreign language school and started my high school life. I visited America with my schoolmate when I was 15 years old, and this trip brings me the thought that I want to study abroad. Then I went to Thailand and Fiji successively, and both of them gave me the incomparable experience. As you can see, the past few years of my life is not very amazing, but it is unique. I am just a general student and I am willing to learn more to broaden my eyes.



The future

Now, I am a student that will study at OSU this autumn. I could not be more proud when others are talking about OSU and it is my great honor to be admitted. The first time I touched The OSU campus happened when I was 15 years old, and that was the most memorable experience during my America trip. The university with the largest campus in America means that it can provide more campus opportunities and activities so that our life in there will never be boring.

The photo is the mascot of OSU. (Photo Source: Yahoo images. )

The photo is the mascot of OSU. (Photo Source: Yahoo images. )

Meanwhile, OSU is one of the best public universities in America and because of that, I can enjoy the best education while paying less tuitions. And also, the geographical location is similar to my hometown, the climate is pleasant, the class size is not very big, the teaching styles of professors is suitable for me, they are all the important element that attracted me. I choose the computer and information science as my major and maybe I will work as an application designer many years later. Computer was my greatest interest when I was a child and I can use every electronic product even if it was the first time I touched that. I believe that computer science can be a wonderful major that will help me to both succeed in the campus, and find a stable job after graduate. OSU is a complicated place which is full of opportunities and challenges. I am really looking forward to start my next stage of life in the OSU.


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