Committee Members



Wanderson Novais

” My main interest in running for the
 president is to help organize our future GRS, keep
facilitating activities to connect grad students from our
department, and advocate for our interests within the

(Novais , 2022)


Vice President

Lenin Rodríguez Betancourth

“I want to serve as the voice of students based on
Wooster Campus and also be part of the decision-making
in the HCS department. Since I started as a visiting scholar
at Wooster Campus, I have had the opportunity to know
well, what students need and want.”

(Betancourth, 2022)

Treasurer and Fundraising Chairs

Evili Marai Martins Silva 

As the Treasurer and Fundraiser Chair, it would be a great

opportunity for me to work closely with my peers from
different labs and help the committee in its mission”

(Martins, 2022)

Social Chair

Pooja Tripathi

“With involvement in this position, I
hope to experience working on a team, gain valuable
soft skills and network with other grad students in the

(Tripathi, 2022)


Chelsie Rodríguez

​”Graduate Students deserve to have great activities and opportunities supplied to them. I  just wish to help other fellow grad students and help them have a better experience.”

(Rodriguez, 2023)

EAC and Faculty ​Representative

Hannah Scheppler

” I am confident in speaking up for graduate
students in faculty-dominated circles, and I am
passionate about representation. My “operon” is that
department success depends on graduate student

(Schelppler, 2022​)

Logistics Chair

Chee Gang Ngui

“I hope to organize fun outdoor activities with the GSA
committees and invite graduate students to participate”

(Ngui, 2022)

HCS GSA Public Relations Chair

Juan Quija Pillajo

“I want to help promote fellowship by helping people be
aware of the events or activities happening so they can
participate and become part. I would like to have active
communication of GSA activities on social media
platforms, so the world gets to know a bit more about us
and what we do.”

(Quija, 2022)

Equity Advisory Committee Chair (EAC)

Daniel Hemphill

“I am excited to assist in setting up events for
the campus or to bolster comradery amongst my fellow grad students. I hope to assist in the making and be a part of a tight-knit and mutually beneficial community of grad students of whom can depend on each other for support and fun both in and outside of academic spheres”

(Hemphill, 2022)

Graduate Studies  ​Representative

Corinne M. Marfori-Nazarea

“I want to be a bridge between the HCS graduate students and Graduate
School. I want to be of service for the welfare of our

(Marfori-Nazarea, 2022)


Regina VannHickok.1

HCS Graduate Studies Coordinator

HCS Internship Program Coordinator

Academic Program Manager, Administrator of the department’s academic program through assisting the Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies Committees.

MA, Public Policy and Administration, The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)

BFA, Theater, Otterbein College (Westerville, OH)


Dr. Jessica Cooperstone.1

Assistant Professor in Horticulture and Crop Science & Food Science and Technology

BS Food Science, Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)

PhD Food Science & Technology, The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)

Research Areas: Plant foods and health promotion and disease prevention; Metabolomics; Secondary plant metabolites; Analytical chemistry; Liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry; Food science; Nutrition

Student Advisors 2022-2023

John Ertle       


Tu Huynh