Committee Members



Corinne Mira Marfori-Nazarea



My experience as the Graduate Studies Committee(GSC) student representative last year and my years of experience serving in an academic organization in the university, social and civic organizations can help in this position. I want to serve as the President to
lead the upcoming activities for the symposium and plan memorable activities intended for graduate students. My commitment, dedication, and resiliency are suited for me to serve in this position.

Vice President

Camila Gutierrez


My goal is to establish an environment that is friendly and welcoming for all graduate students, where they feel appreciated and connected. I plan to arrange numerous gatherings to encourage networking, cooperation, and friendships among our varied student population and enhance the bond between campuses. These events will range. from casual coffee chats and study groups to themed gatherings and cultural festivities. I am committed to making our association a center for meaningful interactions and long-lasting relationships.

Treasurer and Fundraising Chairs

Mirai Inaoka


I plan on maintaining an organized system to
keep track of all finances pertaining to GSA, as well as consulting necessary resources to make sure that
GSA has consistent funds available, especially so that a successful Graduate Research Symposium can be organized for the students and faculty.


Jonah Van Roekel


As Secretary, I will work to ensure that all HCS graduate students are able to make their voices, thoughts, and ideas heard by ensuring that information, both incoming and outgoing, is available to GSA chairholders and the wider HCS graduate community. As the Wooster-based EAC student, I will reach out to our faculty and fellow HCS members in order to bridge the gap between the two communities and their respective long- and short-term goals.

HCS GSA Public Relations Chair

Maranda Berger



I will consistently provide updates, highlight our impact, and foster engagement.
Advocacy will be a key focus, as I will passionately promote our group’s goals and needs through media outlets.

Logistics Chair

Fabiano Colet



I want to represent my peers and
help enhance our graduate program and the department. My
goal is to advocate and help our current and new graduate
students, and these leadership roles are an important way to
bridge the communication between graduate students,
faculty, and college administrators.

Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) Student Representative -Columbus Based

Gurkirat Singh


As a GSC Student Representative, I am excited to work closely with the department.
administration and present the opinions of my
fellow grad students. This will be a great
opportunity for me to gain valuable soft skills by
connecting with the students as well as the
faculty members.


Executive Advisory Committee (EAC) Student Representative- Columbus Based
Kelly Mikhail



I have a strong belief that service to a community is an integral part of belonging. I hope to serve HCS graduate students by representing them on the Executive Advisory Committee (EAC) and establishing a portal of communication between GSA and the EAC whereby the interests and opinions of HCS graduate students are considered. I am so proud to say that I am a graduate student of the Department of Horticulture and Crop Sciences and I hope other graduate students will join the great community we share.


Executive Advisory Committee (EAC) Student Representative- Wooster  Based

Madison Dahn



In this position I hope to gain experience in collaborating with others and developing
life long skills and relationships. I plan to be a voice for the students here in Wooster.




Regina VannHickok.1

HCS Graduate Studies Coordinator
HCS Internship Program Coordinator
Academic Program Manager, Administrator of the department’s academic program through assisting the Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies Committees.

MA, Public Policy and Administration, The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)

BFA, Theater, Otterbein College (Westerville, OH)


Dr. Jessica Cooperstone.1

Associate Professor in Horticulture and Crop Science & Food Science and Technology

BS Food Science, Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)

PhD Food Science & Technology, The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)

Research Areas: Plant foods and health promotion and disease prevention; Metabolomics; Secondary plant metabolites; Analytical chemistry; Liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry; Food science; Nutrition