Lab News


  • Welcome to summer MDSR fellows Joshua Kleinman and Gracyn Noffert and rotating MSTP student Kayla Young!
  • Dr. Gur was announced as Faculty Director of the ASPIRE program! And the Lab is excited to welcome two ASPIRE students Isabele Rojas and Hayat Mekonen to the lab!
  • Congratulations to our graduating undergraduates Zachary Waite & Allison Bischoff!
  • Congrats and goodbye to Dr. Adrienne Antonson, who is launching her own lab at the University of Illinois!
  • Welcome to the Lab MSTP Student Felix Yang! He will be co-mentored by Dr. Kristen Stanford.
  • Welcome to the Lab MSTP student Branden Verosky!


  • Yaheya Idris and Jennifer Smith, we are so ready to have you as the newest undergraduate volunteers in our lab!
  • The Henry A. and Amelia T. Nasarallah for Research Excellence in Psychiatry Award was given to our very own Dr. Tamar Gur. Such an inspiration to all of us and so well-deserved!
  • Congratulations to Helen Chen for receiving the 3rd place award for her presentation at the Hayes Forum representing the Neuroscience Graduate Program!
  • We coped with the pandemic
  • Welcome Dr. Jeffrey Galley, PhD to the lab as a Research Scientist!
  • Congrats to MSTP Student Helen Chen for having her first 1st author paper published in Translational Psychiatry!
  • We enjoyed having medical student Justin Mitchell join the lab to conduct research (remotely)!
  • Congrats to Dr. Adrienne Antonson on her first author publication in Scientific Reports!


  • We are excited to welcome three new lab members this summer: rotating MSTP students, Erin Jeremy and Felix Yang, and undergraduate volunteer, Hannah Rashidi!
  • We are excited to have three medical students conducting research with us this summer: Lauren Guest, Sydney Lammers, and Paige Landon!
  • Congratulations to our graduating seniors Amber Dalal, Julia Engel, and Sydney Schiff–OSU Class of 2019!
  • Our MSTP student, Helen Chen, passed her candidacy exam *and* published her first review in Trends in Neuroscience: Intrauterine Microbiota: Missing, or Missing Link?!
  • Congrats Dr. Adrienne Antonson on her publication, Maternal viral infection causes glocal alteration in porcine fetal microglia!


  • Welcome to our newest cohort of undergraduate volunteers: Allison Bischoff, Amber Dalal, Julia Engel, Moriah Miller-Gnann, and Zachary Waite! We are excited to have you!
  • Our paper on disruptions in male offspring’s social behavior, cortical microbiology, and commensal microbes, in collaboration with Godbout Lab & Bailey Lab, is in press in Behavioral Brain Research!
  • Welcome Dr. Adrienne Antonson, our newest post-doctoral researcher–we are thrilled to have you!
  • Welcome Charissa Newkirk, OSU COM student and recipient of the Barnes Medical Student Research Scholarship for her summer research!
  • A review about the relationship between progestin hormonal contraception and depression, co-authored by Drs. Brett Worly, Gur, and Jonathan Schaffir, was published in Contraception.
  • Congratulations to our undergrad volunteer, Amber Moore, OSU class of 2018!
  • Welcome Helen Chen MSTP 2nd year, who is joining the lab! We are excited to have you on board.


  • Welcome Jenna Patterson, OSU COM student and recipient of a Roessler Fellowship for her summer research!
  • Dr. Gur has been awarded a KO8 award from NIMH
  • Dr. Gur was awarded the Research Mentor of the Year by the Landaker Research Honor Society of the OSU SOM, and congrats to Lena Shay on her induction into the Research  Honor Society!
  • Congratulations to Gur lab manager Aditi Vadodkar, for earning her MBA from the OSU Fisher School of business!
  • Congrats to  Gur lab members Therese Rajasekera and Hanley Speidel, OSU class of 2017!
  • Dr. Gur was invited to speak at Abbott Nutrition 116th Conference, and enjoyed meeting microbiome researchers from around the world
  • Congrats to Jenna Patterson for winning a prestigious Roessler Fellowship from the OSU SOM for pursuing her research this summer!
  • The labs research on the effect of prenatal stress was published in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity


  • Jillian Liu, an MSTP Student is rotating in the lab. Welcome Jillian!
  • Congrats to Lena Shay, who was chosen to give an oral presentation at OSU Wexner Medical Center Research day! One medical student was chosen to give an oral presentation, and we are thrilled that Lena was selected.
  • Congrats to Therese Rajasekera who received an Undergraduate Education Summer Research Fellowship to pursue her project this summer!
  • Congrats to Lena Shay, who presented her work at the IBMR Research Day!


  • A review about stress, the microbiome, pregnancy, and neurodevelopment, co-authored by Drs. Gur,  Brett Worly and Michael Bailey was published in Frontiers in Psychiatry.
  • A Review on the effect of psychiatric illness and psychotropics, C0-authored by Dr. Gur and Dr. Brett Worly was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, you can read more about it here.
  • Sydney Fisher joined the lab- Sydney is a graduate of Denison University and also studying for an MPH at OSU. Welcome Sydney!
  • Lena Carlson joined the lab- Lena is a medical student at OSU and received a COM Medical Student Research Scholarship, with Dean’s Distinction to fund her research this summer. Congrats Lena!
  • Dr Gur was awarded the KL2 Career Development award from the OSU CCTS to investigate the effect of Prenatal stress on neurodevelopment.
  • Dr Gur was awarded the Transdisciplinary Scholar Award from the March of Dimes Ohio Collaborative to investigate the link between prenatal stress and preterm birth.


  • Dr. Gur gave grand rounds at The Cleavland Clinic  in Cleveland, Ohio on October 16th, 2014.
  • Dr. Gur gave a talk on Prevention and Treatment of Postpartum Depression at The Central Ohio AWHONN  in Columbus, Ohio on October 14th, 2014.
  • Ms. Aditi Vadodkar joined Dr Gur’s Lab as  Lab Manager on October 6th,2014. Welcome Aditi!
  • Dr. Gur gave grand rounds at The Metrohealth System in Cleveland, Ohio on April 2, 2014.
  • Dr. Gur received a Young Leadership award at the American Academy of Anxiety and Depression in Chicago, Illinois on March 26, 2014.
  • Dr. Gur was awarded the NARSAD Young Investigator award from the Brain and Behavior Foundation