Commentary on Good Minus God

On Wednesday we discussed the article “Good Minus God: The Moral Atheist”. I can see why she thinks that morality is independent of the existence of God. If the meaning of “good” relies on whatever God commands, then “good” could mean anything. I do agree that moral value does exist in the natural world but I just don’t understand where that goodness would come from if God did not create it. Does it just automatically appear when someone is born? I agree more with the Divine Command Theory because God does have commandments that people are suppose to obey because He is the only one who has the power to always do good. I believe that the Divine Command Theory does require faith and trust in God and I can see why atheists are skeptical of this theory but I don’t see how people can just rely on what they think is morally right if they aren’t perfect.

2 thoughts on “Commentary on Good Minus God

  1. I think you make a valid point. Personally, I believe that morality has always been innate in humans but has evolved over time to allow us to better distinguish between morally right and wrong actions. That is, I believe society has learned from its mistakes, so to speak, in being able to decide what is morally good. For instance, during the time slavery was legal, it was a general consensus that this horrific practice was moral. However, after society realized otherwise, it was established that to practice slavery was in no way a moral good. This “newly improved” moral goodness was then passed down to subsequent generations and allowed these newer generations to exercise more sound moral judgment. This change over time, I believe, is the basis for the moral goodness we see in our generation today.

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