Is Consciousness Universal?

Earlier this semester we talked about consciousness. I wanted to see what other ideas were involved in the existence of consciousness. Panspsychism is the belief that consciousness is universal. Everything material, however small, has an element of individual consciousness. This definition raises questions on what it means by “material” and by “mind”. Some philosophers argue that literally every object and every system of objects possess some mind-like qualities. Other philosophers argue that only some things possess mind or the smallest part of things like atoms possess minds. They may not be complete panspsychist though because they don’t believe that every thing has a conscious. Panspsychism does not attempt to define “mind” nor does it explain how mind relates to the objects that possess it. As a result, panspsychism is more of an overarching concept, a kind of meta-theory of mind.

I don’t think consciousness is universal. Things that are not alive or have a soul are not capable of having a conscious. I think something has a mind if they are capable of making their own decisions based on past experiences or other factors.

27 thoughts on “Is Consciousness Universal?

  1. I do not know if you have now gotten further in your meaning of consciousness. I hope you have.
    A short answer would be that all objects whether living or not is made of cells. It is these cells that are conscious at all times
    Therefore the whole cosmos is nothing but consciousness. It is fully described in Vedic science as Brahman

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  5. I think it is universal since everyone experience it. Some might pretend to be unconscious but in reality, there are aware of what they are doing. It is like not liking cab harrisburg pa but actually love it.

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