What’s going on with Global Leadership Initiative?

October 18th, 2021

After a year of being online, GLI was more than happy to resume our monthly dinners in person at the Faculty Club. Our cohort members were excited to not only dress up, but to have intellectually stimulating conversations with inspiring community members. This month’s guests included Ms. Nadia Kasvin, Ms. Ana Lowe, and Dr. Esther Gottlieb.

Pictures from October networking dinner:

     Jim Cheng and Jannan Sivaruban (left to right)


September 13th, 2021

Maria Bibler (pictured sitting) and the 2021-22 GLI cohort

On September 13th, Global Leadership Initiative hosted Mrs. Maria Bibler at our first meeting of this academic year! Mrs. Bibler is both an Ohio State alum and a former Immigration Coordinator for the Office of International Affairs right here on campus. Currently, Mrs. Bibler works as a school counselor in India.

We enjoyed learning about her experiences working and living outside of the United States. As a cohort that strives to be globally minded, Bibler’s thoughts on how to adapt to unfamiliar cultures and do meaningful work overseas was priceless!

Huge thanks to Mrs. Maria Bibler for making time to see us before returning to India!

January 13th, 2020:

J.M. Rayburn (pictured sitting in front) and The Global Leadership Initiative cohort

On January 13th, 2020, Global Leadership Initiative hosted J.M. Rayburn, city planner for the City of Dublin to learn more about the issues that affect the area around us. Rayburn, while also serving the City of Dublin, is currently serving his second term on the Fifth by Northwest Area Commission in Columbus.

The GLI cohort enjoyed an informative presentation about city planning, Dublin’s development, and the ways in which cities around the world are implementing new technology to better serve the people who live in these areas. Some hot topics of the night were the use of cloud technology, access to transportation, and how the way a city is designed directly affects the economic growth of a city.

A huge thanks to J.M. Rayburn for joining us and sharing his knowledge!

October 21st, 2019:

Dinner guest, Sharon Schweitzer (pictured in red) and the GLI cohort

On October 21st, Global Leadership Initiative hosted Sharon Schweitzer, JD, all the way from Austin, Texas, to learn about dining styles in different cultures. The cohort participated in guided dinner etiquette practices from learning the proper way to approach the table to learning how to properly eat soup. Mrs. Schweitzer is an award-winning speaker, entrepreneur, cross-cultural business expert and international etiquette expert who has taught leaders within Global 2000 and Fortune 50 companies. She is also the author of the Amazon #1 best-selling book in International Business, Access to Asia

GLI could not be more thankful for Sharon Schweitzer for sharing her wonderful expertise and for her continuous support of our program!

To learn more about Schweitzer and her wonderful work, check out her website, Access to Culture

Learning how to properly eat the salads

All smiles from this table

September 23rd, 2019:

This past week, Global Leadership Initiative had it’s first ever monthly networking dinner for the 2019-2020 season. We could not have been more excited to host five awesome guests:

  • Kendra McSweeney: Department of Geography with interest in human-environment interactions
  • Patrice Hamel: Department of Molecular Genetics with research in membrane biogenesis and the coufounder of the Trondbuss Program
  • Neil Drobny: Program Director in Environment, Economics, Development, & Sustainability
  • Celia Latz: Current writer and artist who has designed fashion textiles in Venice, Italy
  • Gil Latz: Vice Provost for Global Strategies and International Affairs

The evening was filled with tons of learning, wonderful conversation, laughs, and full bellies. Check out more photos of the cohort in action at the dinner:

Our tasty dinner. Yum!


Cohort members Faith Lewis & Sana Murteza

Patrice Hamel chatting with the cohort about his research in membrane biogenesis.