Community Outreach

GLI’s cohort members have the opportunity to venture in their social issues of interest and actually make an impact! Each year, members are grouped according to what their interests are and get to create amazing, exciting and especially impactful projects for the community in the Columbus area. Each group collaborates with organisations that are off campus in order to really engage with the Columbus community.  Past projects have include issues such as cultural immersion, refugees and immigration, health and wellness, education, human rights and many more!

These are some of the group projects that past cohort members have successfully made happen! Their passion, grit and determination have been the driving forces in making an impact to the lives of many.

Beauty Across the Globe (B.A.G)

Through B.A.G, we celebrated the diversity of beauty in different cultures by showcasing different cultural outfits and shared stories behind the design. The Cultural Immersion team of the 2017-2018 Global Leaders had created an inclusive platform for artists from different cultural backgrounds and identities to share their work that represents their respective heritages. During the event, the audience had the opportunity to interact with our beautiful models and spark intercultural dialogue. Beauties from countries such as Japan, Brazil, India, Malaysia and many others had an amazing time exchanging cultural experiences with each other and the audiences as well.


Annual Bhutanese Wellness Festival

In accordance with the Bhutanese Awareness Month, the Immigration group of Global Leaders collaborated with the Bhutanese Community of Central Ohio (BCCO) to organise the Annual Bhutanese Wellness Festival for the purpose of presenting available resources and services to the Bhutanese (and other) refugee communities with the goal of improving the health and livelihood among these minority population. The goal of the event was also to promote the engagement and intracultural exchange between domestic Columbus communities and minority refugee groups, while raising awareness of issues and problems faced by these refugee populations. Over 100 refugees and immigrants from the Bhutanese and Nepali were able to benefit from this event from the help of other non-profit organisations, health insurance companies and many more. It was a great learning experience for all of those who came to make this event a great success.


Color & Culture

Our group of Global Leaders passionate about the issue of education taught cultures of the world through art to first and second graders of Graham Primary School. Students in the after-school program learned so much about the diversity of cultures using colors and creative drawings. The event had successfully gave the children a greater understanding of cultural diversity through art. Apart from that, our Global Leaders also had the mission to give art education in public schools a greater emphasis. The children were exposed with the importance of both cultural diversity and art education.