Ways to Get Involved

Graduate Entry Student Representative

A call for student representatives will be sent out each year in August for the upcoming academic year. The responsibilities of the student representatives include attending Graduate Studies Committee, collecting information from fellow students, bringing those issues to the meetings, and reporting business and resolutions back to your peers.  The student representatives are active participants in the business of the GSC and subcommittee as we consider curricular and program issues.  You will be a voting member and your perspective is valued.

Beacon Student Portal

Beacon is a comprehensive student portal where currently enrolled students can view personalized curriculum plans, find out information on program compliance status. Beacon also posts updates from College of Nursing related to academic deadline, special events and leadership opportunities. Beacon can be accessed via the web browser at https://beacon.nursing.osu.edu or via iOS devices by downloading the app at https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ohio-state-nursing-beacon/id1544751412.

To log into Beacon, please use your OSU username and password. Note: username format is “name.#” only; do not include the “@osu.edu”.


LIVE WELL is the guiding philosophy at the College of Nursing. LIVE WELL is an acronym for Lead, Innovate, Vision, Execute, Wellness-focused, Evidence-based, Lifelong learners, and Lights for the world. To recognize students who exemplify one or more components of LIVE WELL, the LIVE WELL Student Leadership award was created.  We encourage the entire CON community to nominate an outstanding student who exemplifies the components of LIVE WELL. Please visit the CON website for more information.

“The Beat” Student Newsletter

All students are automatically added to receive The Beat, our College of Nursing student newsletter. Starting in autumn semester, you will receive this every Friday during the school year and once a month over the summer. We will share important dates/deadlines, upcoming events, employment opportunities and more. If you are interested in more information about The Beat, please visit our blog.

Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassadors are leaders and role models within the College of Nursing that exemplify the values and mission of the College: To dream, discover, and deliver a healthier world. They are outgoing individuals excited to share their experiences and to promote our programs, both undergraduate and graduate. Ambassadors volunteer their time at programing throughout the school year as a representative of the current student body and talk with prospective nursing students and their families, College alumni, prospective donors, and industry partners. Applications to become an Ambassador open at the start of every Autumn semester. Please email Doug Hettich.3@osu.edu if you have any questions about the program.

Student Organizations

When it comes to building relationships, discovering passions and making the most out of your time at The Ohio State University, the best thing you can do is get involved with student organizations on campus.

We know that it has been difficult to make connections this year due to COVID-19, so we collaborated with four of our nursing student organizations– NSPIRE, Buckeye Men in Nursing, Nursing Students of Color and Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health– to create informational videos so you can learn more about each organization and how to get involved.

Watch the videos