M.S. in Nursing Handbook

The M.S. in Nursing Handbook is the governing document for our MS in Nursing program.  You will be expected to adhere to the handbook guidelines at all times.  It is strongly recommended you read the entire MS in Nursing Handbook to ensure you are aware  of the important information contained in this document.

Please pay particular attention to the pre-licensure clinical dress code.

The Handbook for 2022-2023 will be ready prior to the start of school and students will be emailed a hyperlink to the handbook online.

Graduate School Handbook

The Graduate School Handbook is the document used as the basis for the College of Nursing Handbook, and supplements with Graduate School policies and procedures.  Every graduate student in Nursing is also held to the rules of the Graduate School Handbook.  It serves as an important resource during your master’s program, and warrants a read-through.