Orientation Day Information

Graduate Entry Orientation and Transformation Day
Monday, May 23, 2022
Approximately 8:00am-4pm

Attendance is required.  Please contact your Graduate Program Manager with questions.

We recommend business casual attire.
Zoom resources can be found here. You can test out Zoom by going to https://zoom.us/test . If you need to download and install Zoom, you can do so while trying out the test meeting. Some things to keep in mind with Zoom:
  • It is helpful to download the Zoom client to the device you will be using.
  • Please create your Zoom account using your full name, so that we know who is in the room
  • It is helpful to access Zoom on an IPad or laptop/desktop computer.  The larger screen typically allows for easier use of the Zoom controls and you are able to access other website/ necessary information or take notes.
  •  If you have activated your video camera, it’s important to be aware of your visual background as it can be seen by those in the meeting.  Information on Carmen Zoom Controls can be found here.  This video also explains the chat function.  Please be aware when you use the chat function, all those in the meeting can see your chat.
    • It is typical etiquette to keep your audio muted when not speaking.  This allows the speaker to be heard clearly.  It is also helpful to use the “raise hand” or other nonverbal options to communicate with the speaker during a lecture or meeting.
  • If you are having trouble hearing or being heard, please first check your volume on your device, and that you are not muted.  If you continue to experience issues, try switching to a new internet browser.  Google Chrome is typically a well-supported option.
  • Please ensure there is a professional head shot added to your profile.  When it is time to log in, please open Zoom prior to joining the meeting, as opposed to simply clicking on the link in the email.  This will allow us to see your head shot while your camera is muted, and allow the faculty to get to know your names and faces.