Mediasite Resource Page

Mediasite Video Tutorials
Mediasite is the university’s lecture capture system and is managed by ODEE. Instructors can use Mediasite in several different ways. This resource page will focus on these ways instructors can use Mediasite:
– How to use the Mediasite Desktop Recording Tool and how to edit Mediasite Recordings
– How to download and upload your Zoom Recordings to Mediasite

Below are a series of video tutorials on how to use Mediasite.

How to Download, Install, and Register Mediasite Mosaic

How to Download a Zoom Recording

How to Upload a Zoom Recording to Mediasite

How to Add Zoom Transcripts to your Zoom Recordings Uploaded to Mediasite

How to Edit a Mediasite Recording

How to Add Someone to Your Mediasite Recording to Edit Captions

How to Use Mediasite Mosaic
Mosaic Tutorial for Windows
Mosaic for the Mac

Mediasite Analytics

ODEE’s Resource Center for Mediasite

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