Interview 2

Today I interviewed Matt Porcelli about our nearly finished connect 4 game. Here’s what he has to say about ir.


What are some games you have played recently?

“Call of Duty, War, Solitaire”


What are some games you might enjoy on matlab?

“Go fish, blackjack, poker”


What are some aspects of a game that make it enjoyable for you to play?

“Well organized, easy to read, and competitive.”


What do you enjoy about our connect 4?

“It works well, it’s fun, and there’s no annoying cleanup”

What would you change about the game?

“For you to be able to touch or click on the board, and maybe a fun sound when you win”


I interviewed Nick Hajek about the game. This will include what I asked and his responses.


Ryan: “What are some games you have played recently?”

Nick “Strategic tic tac toe”

Ryan: “What are some games you may enjoy on matlab?”

Nick: “Connect 4 or hangman”

Ryan: “In your opinion, what would be the optimal amount of time for a game in matlab take to play?”

Nick: “Probably somewhere around 10 minutes”

Ryan: “What aspects of a game make it enjoyable”

Nick: “One that’s not too repetitive”