May 14 ELT: Take a Good Look Around with ELT

Join us in May (5/14) as we learn how units on campus are using immersive 360 degree video software to create engaging experiences. University Marketing will share how they are using Concept3D for virtual tours. Members of ODEE will share how they are using VIAR 360 to enhance distance learning. Register here for May’s ELT. We’ll be meeting from 10-11:30AM.

April 16 ELT: Power Automate

Looking for a way to automate routine tasks and increase your productivity? Join us for April’s (4/16) Exploring Learning Technologies Community (ELT) meeting where we will learn about Microsoft’s Power Automate. We’ll learn how departments at OSU are using Power Automate to create workflows to automate repetitive and manual tasks across various programs and services. We’ll be meeting from 10-11:30AM.

March 12: Flying High with ELT

Here’s a big shout out to the presenters at the March 12 from 10-11:30: Aaron Nestor, Jason Hazel, Chris Strasbaugh, and Forrest Schoessow! They all contributed great information.

Drones on campus.docx contains useful information about operating drones at Ohio State, including most of the topics discussed at the meeting. It is editable by anyone at Ohio State, so if you’re an excellent note taker (looking at you, Terry Bradley) or you have additional information, please add it.
Here’s the video from the event.