What is Quality Matters Eleven?

Online courses are becoming an increasingly important part of higher education. Recently the ID (Instructional Design) department within EHE EdTech has begun to introduce the QM11 (Quality Matters) syllabus checklist. The QM11 checklist is a new way to review syllabi and suggests ways that classes can meet higher education national standards for both regular and online courses. EdTech created the QM11 checklist from the Quality Matters rubric and the OAA/EHE Curriculum Committee Syllabus Guidelines. The Curriculum Committee has adopted the QM11 checklist as part of the documentation for the evaluation and approval of all courses.


QM11 allows the ID department to provide suggestions to professors to help them improve their syllabi.  QM11 helps make sure that professors can give students well-designed courses that are student-centered. QM11 is the first step for the education program to receive a full Quality Matters Certification.  Quality Matters is a researched based national standard for online courses that Ohio State started adopting as a quality benchmark for both regular and online courses as of fall 2015. The goal of the Quality Matters standards program is to improve the quality of coursework for all students. EHE EdTech hopes that these changes will bolster the education of our students.

To request a QM11 review email us at ehe-edtech@osu.edu.

The QM11 checklist can be found at http://ehe.osu.edu/downloads/assessment/qm-rubric-and-review.pdf along with the QM aligned Syllabus Guidelines http://ehe.osu.edu/downloads/assessment/qm-aligned-syllabus-guide.docx

For more information about Quality Matters and its impact on higher education be sure to check out: https://www.qualitymatters.org/higher-education-program

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