Fight off Phish With LastPass

Many of us get spam and other suspicious emails. Many of these suspicious emails contains links that will offer to “reset” your password. But, this is a trick called phishing! If you ever get an email about your storage or that your account has been hacked, don’t panic and don’t click. Forward the email to

Even if the email looks legitimate, do not click. Instead, go to to reset your all OSU related passwords.  This a good rule of thumb for all email providers. If you receive an suspicious email, always reset the password at the providers main webpage.

Did you click on the link? Do not panic, contact OSU Enterprise Security Team:  Phone: 614-688-4357 Email:

Wanna be even more preventive? You can do that with a free service called LastPass! LastPass is a secure password management system that stores all your website logins securely. You can either use their webpage, browser extension or mobile app. With LastPass you only need to remember you master password. This is great for people who always forget their password. Instead of trying to memorize several passwords, memorize just one. Of course, your master password should be cryptic and hard to guess.