East Asian Audio Books

EAAB (East Asian Audio Books) aspires to showcase the audio-visual materials accompanying books about East Asian languages, literatures and cultures that are published here at The Ohio State University.

So far, we’ve published the following books accompanied by audio-visual materials:

Aku Wuwu’s Poetry:
1. Tiger Traces: Selected Nuosu and Chinese Poetry of Aku Wuwu (to Purchase)
2. Coyote Traces: Aku Wuwu’s Poetic Sojourn in America (to Purchase)

Songs of Thorns and Flowers – Korean Poetry Series:
1. In the Tree, by Kim Hyung-Young (to Purchase)
2. There Remain Words to Say, by Yoo An-Jin (to Purchase)
3. Winter, 5 Minutes Past Midnight, by Hwang Tong-gyu (to Purchase)
4. Sunlight in a Distant Place, by Hong Yunsook (to Purchase)
5. Alone With Myself, by Ku Sang (to Purchase)

Perform China Series:
1. Perform Suzhou: a Course in Intermediate to Advanced Spoken Mandarin (to Contact)

2. Perform Guangzhou: a Course in Intermediate to Advanced Spoken Mandarin (to Contact)



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