Text Review Glee Season 2- Maggie McCarter

The TV series Glee is a show I would recommend. This show aired from 2009-2015 and portrays a great deal of concepts that we have covered in this class and was one of the first shows to do so in its time. The entire series focuses on a high school show choir called The New Directions and how each individual member learns to navigate high school. You see characters from different ethnicities, religious affiliations, sexual identities, and economic statuses being represented in the show as well.

Season 2 in my opinion, portrays the concepts we have learned the most. During season 2, we see a character named Kurt come out as gay. This leads to the New Directions fighting masculine expectations to look out for their team member and friend. In the high school where the characters attend, belonging to the LGBTQ+ community is not talked about and is seen as abnormal. Kurt is definitely “Othered” for coming out as gay. He is bullied and is even threatened for his sexuality. It is quite clear that the other community members think of his sexuality as foreign as he is the only openly gay kid at his school and is voted prom queen as a humiliating school prank.

There is also a great deal of power dynamics that are portrayed during this season as well. The members of the football team have the most power at the school because of their popularity. The glee club members are often bullied by the football players and receive more school funding and often have to get permission from the football team to use school resources. This reminds me of the Master-Slave dialect because the glee club members are rendered powerless at their school due to their lack of popularity. Overall, this show does a great job at challenging systemic injustices within our school systems!