Text Review “Beasts of No Nation”

In this text review assignment, I chose to look at a movie called “ Beasts of No Nation”. This was a movie on Netflix based on a book that takes a look into injustice and horrible Environment that some children face in this world. The movie centers around a young child in Africa where a civil war has broken out. The main character is named Agu and he lived in a village that’s a buffer zone from the war with his family. One day they get the news that the government has fallen and the rebels have seized control over the country. As Agu and his family try to leave the village it gets attacked and his family dies while he escapes. On his own, in the jungle, Agu meets a group of young kids around his age who are soldiers in this war. Only left with the option to join this group of kid soldiers Agu takes part in this war. Throughout the movie, Agu fights and kills many people during this war. It takes a look at the psychological damage this does to the kids who are forced to kill in order to survive. One way these kids learn to deal with this damage is by using drugs. There are many injustices showcased in this movie and it shows how bad this world really is. If we break down this movie more we can see examples of the concept we have talked in class. The concept of othering can be seen throughout the movie, the rebel group and people are all from the same country but they consider themself different from the other group. This hate and animosity against each group lead them to kill each other and even innocent families that have nothing to do with this. This movie also showcases many other forms of injustices like genocide, Child labor, and social classes. This movie does a great job of showing the societal problems that arise from these kinds of injustices. Hopefully, we can learn from this movie on how society can end up if people don’t learn to accept each other and only rely on violence for the solution.

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