First SSS a rousing success

The first Student Seminar Series (SSS) of the 2013-2014 academic year was a huge success! Nearly 50 students from the Statistics and Biostatistics departments converged on Cockins Hall 212 for some free pizza and excellent advice from Dr. Ana Berríos-Allison of the Career Connection Office. Dr. Berríos-Allison was hilarious, interesting, and most importantly gave the audience members practical and concrete advice for how to successfully navigate the interview process.


The materials Berríos-Allison provided for her presentation will be circulated via email, but are also available on the Career Connection webpage.

The seminar ran a bit long on time, but Dr. Berríos-Allison wanted to share her contact information with us in case we would like to schedule a one-on-one session for further consultation. She can be reached at:

Ana C. Berríos-Allison, Associate Director, Career Connection Office of Student Life
224 Younkin Success Center  |  Office: (614) 688-3898; 

Thanks for your participation, and stay tuned for details on the next SSS in October!

Mark and Staci


Inaugural Student Seminar Series (SSS) event on September 17

Next week marks the inaugural Student Seminar Series (SSS), the goal of which is to provide you as a graduate student with practical skills that might be left out of your coursework.

The first SSS will be held on Tuesday, September 17 from 3:30-4:30pm in Cockins Hall 212, and will focus on interview skills. This workshop will be conducted by the fine folks over in the Career Connection, and will be geared towards interviewing for a non-academic job, internship, etc. Topics discussed will include: common questions asked at an interview, general etiquette, how to best present yourself, questions for YOU to ask the interviewer, and appropriate ways of following up after the interview.

Most importantly, there will be FREE Adriatico’s pizza!

We hope you take advantage of this great resource as we approach the internship interview season with our big employers (Capitol One, Chase, Nationwide).

See you Tuesday!
Staci and Mark