The Pets of the Department

In this post students from the program write about their pets. Enjoy viewing and reading about these adorable animals!

Joel Bracken (2nd year MS Statistics):


About a month ago my girlfriend and I adopted Mountie! He’s a Goldendoodle and almost 4 months old! He’s a very curious, scrappy, and cuddly guy. He enjoys biting the eyes off his plushy toys, getting love from strangers while on walks, and watching his favorite sports team, the West Virginia Mountaineers.

Han Fu (2nd year PhD Biostatistics):

This is Schrodinger. He was a stray cat and ran into our home ten days ago. He is so cute and sweet so we decided to accept him as a family member.

Vincent Geels (4th year PhD Statistics):

My housemates and I welcomed a kitten into our West Philadelphia home in 2011. We considered various names for the little fella–Lance, Keith, etc.–but ultimately decided on “Ned.” It has proven to be a fitting name for him.
After the original housemates went our separate ways, my wife and I kept Ned and ended up bringing him with us to Columbus when I started grad school at OSU. I like to think he appreciated the move to a less busy home and, since we decamped from our old apartment in the Short North to a house in the Clintonville area, the extra space to roam around in, too.
Ned likes what all cats like, really: sleeping for 20+ hours a day, basking in the sun, chasing shoestrings and shiny things. In the past few years he’s also developed into a sometime lap cat (mostly during the cold months–surprise!), which does not go unappreciated. I love this little guy.
A requisite picture:

Zihan Lin & Xiaohan Guo (3rd year PhD Biostatistics):

Cookie is a three-year-old boy, and we adopted him from the Cat Welfare Association at 2017 Christmas. I would say it’s very warm to have such a furry ball in our life, especially when you come home and find your cat is always waiting at the window. Although cat could be very naughty sometimes, Cookie does help us feel less stressful and have much more laughing.  We really enjoy the company of Cookie, and he is already an important part of our life.

James Matuk (4th year PhD Statistics):

This is my wife and I’s mischievous cat Chloe. We adopted her around two years ago when she was just five months old. She was quite shy when we first got her, but has grown up to be very outgoing and loves to snuggle up with us.

Julia Mejia (2nd year MAS Statistics):


Penny is a 3-year-old Vizsla who loves to go on runs and chase squirrels!

Nate Onnen (5th year PhD Statistics):


Name: Spencer
Favorite Hobby: Naps
Favorite treat: Turkey Jerky.
(My partner and) I adopted this little guy back in August, and I’m so happy to have done so. This little scamp is a great dog/companion!
Nikki Schnitzler (3rd year PhD Statistics)
This is my cat Newton, who I call Newt for short. One picture is shortly after I adopted him and one is more current.
Newt was my undergrad graduation present from my parents. He is almost three and his favorite foods are Oreos, Goldfish (the crackers, not the real fish), and anything with carbs in it. He loves to play with a laser pointer and distract me by sitting on whatever I am trying to work on at the moment.
Yuxuan Xin (1st Year PhD Statistics):
I am in my first year in Ph.D. Program of Statistics , and my cat is domestic medium hair called Frosty, while I would like to call her RMB, which means Chinese Currency. She is so cute and attracts me so much that I hope to pet her at every time everywhere! Actually, she is adopted by my boyfriend Yang 4 years ago and it is him who gives her that weird and interesting name. After he graduates, he asked me to take care of RMB so that RMB is not only my pet but also with my miss and love. I hope that everyone who sees her picture will feel happier!