Reading Adventure: The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal

The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal by Nick Seluk is a new Cloverbud Reading Adventure that you can use with your Cloverbuds to help them understand the solar system and the importance of the sun. This adventure can be used anytime but is great paired with education about the upcoming solar eclipse.

This lesson teaches Cloverbuds about the solar system and the planets and other items it includes. You will explore why the sun is a big deal through a variety of hands-on activities designed to reinforce key science concepts. It will help your Cloverbuds to understand that the sun sits in the center of our solar system and holds it together. Without the sun, life on planet Earth would not exist.

The book does a great job of explaining why we have four seasons, the sun’s role in the water cycle, and how plants need the sun for photosynthesis. Plus, it gives us light and keeps us warm!

Check out this new Reading Adventure and discover why The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal!

Solar Eclipse 2024


Have you heard the news? On Monday, April 8, 2024 a solar eclipse will occur over North America with portions of Mexico, the United States, and Canada in the path of totality. What is the path of totality? That means the moon will completely cover the sun, temporarily blocking its light. This can lead to a drop in temperature, animals behaving like it’s nighttime and stars and planets might be clearly visible. Imagine how scared the first people to view a total eclipse must have been!

Roughly 35 Ohio counties will experience complete totality while all other counties will experience a partial eclipse. Introduce your Cloverbuds to the eclipse by using the lesson, Small Moon, Big Sun 1 This is a stand-alone lesson focusing on the concept of the eclipse and a discussion about the solar system. Concerned because you are not a scientist? No problem! The lesson includes the background information to help you explain the event to your Cloverbuds in language they can understand.

Begin your Cloverbud meeting with a discussion about what an eclipse is and learn about the parts of the solar system. There is a cool experiment to help your Cloverbuds understand how the moon, which is much smaller than the sun, blocks the sun during an eclipse. If you have available internet connectivity, you can share the video about gravity which explains why the moon doesn’t fall from the sky. End your meeting with a discussion about what your Cloverbuds think it would be like to live on another planet.

In addition to this lesson, there are some children’s books that can be used to reinforce the key concepts: The Sun is Kind of A Big Deal by Nick Seluk, Eclipse by Andy Rash. and Eclipse by Darcy Patterson. Look for a related Cloverbud Reading Adventure coming soon!

If your 4-H families are planning to view the eclipse, follow these Tips for Sun Safety.

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