my first week at OSU (2017)


On August 15, 2017, I began my journey at The Ohio State University. I moved in four days earlier than most freshmen because I participated in the Morrill Scholars Early Arrival Program. Filled with new tastes, places, and faces; I engaged in several thought-provoking dialogues about race, politics, and life. Furthermore, I made new friends and explored the campus before the rest of student body arrived.

After a week of exploration, school began and I began to feel overwhelmed. I felt anxious about my social life and academics. I ate alone a few times those first few days because I was too scared to ask people to eat with me, but eventually I  began to speak up. In terms of academics, I was scheduled to take 18 credit hours for the semester. I was unable to audition for any music groups or take any classes involving the arts because of my full schedule. After a lot of thinking I decided to speak up and seek the advice of upperclassmen and my academic advisor. After meeting with them, I decided to drop a class. Because my goal is not to attend medical school, my advisor reassured me that I would not be behind for my major. That week I learned that good things happen to those who ask.

On the other hand, as a Humanities Scholar I expect to nourish my hunger to learn about people and to explore the arts in the Columbus area and beyond. I’m excited to go to Chicago in October and hope to travel to New York next semester as well. My goal this semester  is to continue to grow as a person, a student, and as an artist. But I won’t be able to obtain the things I want without asking.

Some pictures from my first week:

My first smoothie at the RPAC.


After spending the morning with fellow Morrill Scholars raking mulch around trees to protect them from flooding at Lou Berliner Park, we enjoyed a few hours exploring COSI. This is a picture of the famous pendulum found in the entry way of the museum.


Taken while running around campus on a timed scavenger hunt organized by MSP. My team won by the way(;


Taken after eating a delicious steak sub from Apollo’s, a Greek restaurant on High Street.