reflection of autumn 2018


My third semester at The Ohio State University has come to a close. I was successful in many ways and learned from many mistakes. Successes included finishing with all As with the exception of an A-, becoming a Student Lead at Kennedy Commons, writing and learning my first Transcription for Jazz Trumpet ever, and earning the 2nd Trumpet Position in the Jazz Lab Ensemble.¬† I also made a great deal of progress in my social life. Mistakes involved poor time management, over scheduling myself, not sleeping or eating healthily and not being as organized as I should have. Although this semester was by far the most stressful yet, I’m thankful for all of the experiences that came from it.


Classes taken:

Intro to Music Education

Studied music education philosophies and methods; shadowed practicing general and instrumental music teachers in their classrooms in local schools; reflected on my own music education experiences; developed personal philosophy on the importance of music education supported by credible sources collected over the course of the semester.

Music Theory I

Explored theoretical concepts of harmony in Western music, increased fluency in recognition of intervals, clefs, and the circle of fifths. Composed and harmonized melodies and chorales with knowledge of SATB relationships, counterpoint, and harmony. Gained understanding of relationship between meter and hypermeter  and much more.

Aural Skills I

Developed ear’s ability to distinguish between different chord qualities, modes, and interval qualities. Gained fluency in harmonic, rhythmic, and melodic dictation by using music notation to represent what was heard.

Music Technology

Introduced to Finale (music notation software), arranging, and technological aspects of music. Gained knowledge regarding harmonic series, instrument ranges, and other software available to create music.

Piano Literature I

Explored classical piano works from 1600s to Beethoven’s sonatas and concerti.

Applied Jazz Trumpet

Developed range, aural skills, and increased awareness of jazz culture by means of private instruction, transcription of solos, and presentation of a jazz album and transcription at the end of the semester.

Applied Piano (Classical)

Worked on performance and technical skills for classical piano.

Applied Jazz Piano

Introduced to various jazz piano styles, chord voicing, and approaches to soloing. Gained exposure to plethora of jazz music, so increased awareness of jazz culture.

Ohio Show Band (Ensemble)

Performed a live-streamed concert, at the Celebration Concert, and the Jazz Studies Holiday concert various popular tunes as an Alto vocalist. Lead several songs including The Temptations “My Girl” and Mariah Carey’s “Joy to the World.”

Jazz Lab Ensemble

Served as second trumpet, featured as soloist on Billy Strayhorn’s “Lush Life.”

Other commitments:


Humanities Scholars

Morrill Scholars

Early Field Experience

Concert Attendance

Office Assistant at Baker Hall East

Student Steward/Student Lead at Kennedy Commons


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