spring 2019 reflection

GOALS from Spring 2019:

[ x ] Achieve the Dean’s List (academic)

[ x ] Perform in the second fourth piano departmental (academic)

[ x ] Eat twice daily with snacks between meals (health)

[   ] Be able to run a mile in under 10 minutes (health)

[   ] Be able to lift at least 60 lbs (health)

[ x ] Obtain summer job (career, finances)

[   ] Complete STEP (extracurricular)

[   ] Complete Baker Documentary for Humanities Second Year Project (academic, extracurricular)

[ x ] Meet deadlines (wellness, professionalism)

[ x ] Sleep consistently (Be in bed by 10 PM?) (health)

[   ]  Practice every day (self-improvement)

I achieved a 4.0 this semester, earning a place on the Dean’s List for the fourth semester. My ultimate goal is to graduate Summa cum laude which requires a 3.900 GPA.

I pushed myself to perform more in studio class, preparing me for the departmental. Performing in studio allowed me to gain more confidence in asking my piano peers for advice. I generally would feel intimidated by my peers, but I realize that they are incredibly approachable and wise resources to consult.

Regarding health, I did not do much with my health goals. I chose instead to prioritize working two jobs, practicing three instruments, Jazz Fest preparation, and developing my relationships. I did eat much better this semester, however.

I met most of deadlines which allowed me to maintain great grades and contain my overwhelm from school. It was certainly difficult but I’m happy that I accomplished this small goal. I created a schedule that included my mealtimes, break times, social times and study/practice times that helped me to stay on top of all of my work.

I slept consistently but was not in bed by 10pm  but instead no later than midnight. After leaving my second job post-spring break, my sleep schedule improved significantly and I was notably more well rested the rest of the semester.

After learning how STEP impacted my cost-of-attendance scholarship, I realized that STEP was not a good option for me so I chose to withdraw from the program. My mentor, Chad Zipfel, a professor from Fisher College of Business was an amazing help and incredibly energetic and helpful. If he chooses to be a mentor again next year, the STEP participants will certainly be in good hands.

Regarding practicing, I noticed that days that I don’t practice my instruments, I felt ashamed, lazy, and disappointed in my lack of discipline. I realized that whether or not I practiced affected my mental health in a negative manner, so I made a point to intentionally practice even when I didn’t want to. Although I did not practice every day, I practiced more intentionally. I planned out my practice, choosing which parts to focus on and set a timer so that I touched everything once. I also disciplined myself to practice on the weekends rather than work and sleep. Having musical friends also helped as often we would go to Hughes to practice at the same time, holding eachother accountable. When I actually made an effort to go to Hughes and started, I found it easy to have an effective practice session. My teacher always said, the hardest part about practicing is taking out the horn/piano, and this is certainly true.

In the end, I accomplished many of my goals that I set for myself this semester and I’m extremely proud of myself. In the near future I will upload a full reflection of my classes, experiences, and even reviews of my Humanities involvement from the 2018-19 school year.

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