I currently work at the University Libraries, in Thompson Library, as a Special Collections Assistant under the guidance of Lisa Iacobellis. I have worked in this position since August 2019. My position includes preparing, editing, proofreading, and organizing collection inventories to be submitted to the Library of Congress. I scan and photograph books, manuscripts, artwork, and artifacts to be used in the creation of databases. I attach descriptive information of Special Collections materials to be referenced and submitted by curators and students. When these materials are processed and logged, University students can then use them for research. Within the OSU Library database, I research primary source materials from the 16th century and on to be used in University coursework and open-house sessions. I also assist with these class sessions in the Special Collections Reading Room, open house sessions, and setting items on display within the library to benefit University students.

I also currently work as a research assistant in the Self and Social Motivation Lab in the Psychology Building. My primary duties include designing and integrating a variety of psychological measures to be used in several surveys created on Qualtrics. I have also been involved in qualitative coding measures using the Articulated Thoughts During Simulated Situations scale for coding emotions in response to recorded situations.

From January 2020-July 2021 I served as a research assistant in the Lifespan Adjustment Project in the Psychology Building (the LAP lab), which focused on ADHD research in children, specifically in girls and how differences in treatment affected their symptoms of ADHD. My primary duties included data cleaning of heart rate variability information using the software HRVAnalysis and creating data analysis graphs of this information through the software Kubios. I was also an active member of our lab’s Brown Bag discussions and Lab meetings that discussed current ADHD research. I also received training in placing physiology electrodes on research participants as well as how to run experiments in the laboratory.

During the summer of 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, I worked at my local health department, the Darke County General Health District as a contact tracer during the months of May-August. As a contact tracer, I worked closely with a team of investigators to complete, record, and organize patient case investigations that are positive with COVID-19. I provided contacts with best-practice information regarding quarantine, symptom, and monitoring measures as well as alleviated patient concerns and provide resources regarding COVID-19 via phone call. I contacted positive cases and listen to their current physical state and give recommendations on how to manage their symptoms via phone call. I also marked the patients recovered when they meet the criteria declared by the CDC and the Ohio Department of Health. I thoroughly collected and recorded patient information into centralized databases to be used by my local health department as well as the Ohio Department of Health.

I will be serving as a Suicide Prevention Intern for the Department of Education and Human Ecology in the Spring of 2022.

About Me

Hi. My name is Nicole Brocious. I am a psychology major with minors in neuroscience and communications. I am passionate about learning about the brain, with a focus on how to create and consume research. One large goal of mine is to pursue experiences that broaden my horizons and deepen my understanding of other points of view and other cultures. I want to use the information that I learn in my studies to help improve the lives of others in measurable, long-term ways. My biggest goal is to gain my Ph.D. and become a researcher, practitioner, and professor throughout the course of my life. I am hoping to use my degree and knowledge to work to remove mental health stigma and improve access to mental health resources. I also want to use my degree to create research that furthers the field of psychology in new, unique ways. Another important goal of mine is the continuation of my studies of the Spanish language, and to gain fluency in Mandarin, which are additional ways I will better my understanding of the world and other cultures. I am a first-generation college student, and this identity is very important for me to express, as it has affected every aspect of my college career. It has given me a strong drive for success and achievement, as I will be the first in my family to reach these milestones. Additionally, I am an avid reader, especially for works of fiction, fantasy, and poetry, and I also enjoy writing.

Year in Review

Reflection on the G.O.A.L.S:

Global Awareness:

I have worked to develop global awareness through the classes I take and the clubs I am involved in. In my time on campus so far, I have taken classes such as sociology, cultural anthropology, classical mythology, and others to learn more about diversity. Through these classes, I have learned about important rites, religions, items, and more regarding other cultures and this information has allowed me to grow and expand my horizons about my perspective of the way the world works. Additionally, I am fulfilling global awareness by taking Spanish courses. I am learning a new language, as well as important cultural items and values of many Spanish-speaking countries. Lastly, I am involved in clubs on campus such as Buckeyes First that aims to emphasize and celebrate how unique and diverse every first-generation student is, and I have learned to appreciate these differences and how they affect people’s lives and experiences. I will continue to work towards this goal by being active in clubs on campus that promote a message of inclusivity, continue my education in the Spanish language, and take additional courses that allow me to learn about the beauty and diversity within different cultures and individuals.

Original Inquiry:

I have sought to understand research and the creative process through being both a consumer of research and a creator of research. I have worked with a lab in the Psychology Department for over a year, the Lifespan Adjustment Project, which is currently focusing on children with ADHD, and in that time, I have learned a multitude of things. I have learned how the process of creating research works, how it begins, how individualized it is. I have learned about a variety of software used to process the raw data obtained from the research lab and how to use these softwares, how to place electrodes on participants, how to monitor cameras and many more. Above all, I have learned about the dedication that is needed to create good research, and it has fueled my passion to commit to research in my future. Additionally, another part of understanding research is to be a consumer of research. As a psychology major, many of my classes have a focus on understanding how to read and discuss the scientific literature, and these are skills that I have honed to precision since attending OSU. This is very important because it can present new avenues of understanding or inspiration towards a topic. I will continue to work towards this goal by broadening my coursework, my readings of original research papers, and continuing to expand my skills in a laboratory environment with my peers and PI.

Academic Enrichment:

My Honors Contract demonstrates my commitment to academic enrichment through how diverse my course list is. I have focused on taking a variety of classes and topics to learn more about the world around me and teach me about different perspectives. I also focus on taking courses in things I know little of or lack a deep understanding of, because that serves to broaden my horizons even further. My curriculum relates strongly to my future aspirations outside of the classroom, as I want to work in psychology as a researcher, practitioner, and professor at various points in my life. My major in psychology gives me a firm basis for that, as does my minor in neuroscience. This major and minor combination will teach me about the brain, how to create and consume research, human life, human tendencies, and the list continues. My minor in communications will improve my ability to converse with and understand others, which will be another benefit for my future. Additionally, all my other GE or Elective courses will broaden my understanding of different people and cultures, which is important to understand for all practitioners, professors, and researchers. Having this diverse reach in my coursework demonstrates my commitment to excellence and learning, as it will help me be a well-rounded and successful individual prepared for her future.

Leadership Development:

I am involved in three clubs on campus. The first is Psychology Club. Psychology Club allows me to meet and discuss a variety of topics with graduate student speakers, professors, and other students that have a passion for a topic. This has helped me develop skills regarding communication and learning, which are important for my development as a leader. Additionally, Psychology Club strongly relates to both my personal and career goals, as it teaches me about psychology in a fun, low-stakes way. I am also involved in Buckeyes First Student Organization. This club teaches me about various opportunities and ways to help me as a first-generation student, while simultaneously educating me about advocacy and other cultures. Buckeyes First has taught me how to expand my perspectives to be more inclusive and to have an open mind, which is a great aid to my leadership development. Additionally, this club relates to my career goals because this expansion of my perspective and understanding of other cultures is very important for someone who wants to become a researcher, practitioner, or professor. Lastly, I am involved in the club Brighter Futures. This club is dedicated to community service for helping local high-school students commit to a college. This club has allowed me to reach out to many students and help them achieve their dream of college, and it fulfills many of my personal goals of being able to help people as I was helped when I was in high school. I am also involved in the University Libraries on campus as a Special Collections Assistant, which has furthered my understanding of different perspectives and cultures, which are personal goals of mine. Within my job, I scan and describe older and even ancient documents, images, and books. I have learned a variety of specific vocabulary and information that relates to these historical materials, which has given me a broader perspective of ancient or historic cultures and their beliefs. Additionally, it has improved my critical thinking and communication ability, which are important leadership characteristics. I am also involved as a research assistant in a psychology laboratory on campus, and it has taught me a wealth of information about the research process, how to think critically about issues, and has fueled my passion for research. All these things have helped me to develop the ability to reason and solve issues, as well as to find my passion, which play large roles in my personal, career, and leadership goals.

Service Engagement:

I have been engaged in a variety of service activities. Previously, I have gone on a work service trip to South Carolina to help rebuild houses for hurricane victims. I have also served long-term as a student tutor for my fellow peers, tutoring them in a variety of subjects. I am currently a member of the club Brighter Futures and will be throughout my time as a student, which focuses on community service and serving high school students to help them reach their dreams of being admitted into a college or achieving better grades. I plan to continue to engage with the community through the internship I earned with the Suicide Prevention Program through my focuses on advocacy, fighting mental health stigma, and building access to additional resources to better the mental health of Ohio State students and the community. Upon graduation, I will continue to engage in community service through tutoring and other service projects, as it is very important to me personally to help others in every way that I can.


I plan to fulfill all of the Honors program GOALS in multiple different ways.

I will fulfill global awareness by taking classes that focus on cultures and languages outside of my own. Some ways that I plan on doing this is through the completion of my foreign language requirement as well as continuing to take classes such as cultural anthropology to expand my knowledge of other cultures. I also am currently involved and will continue to be involved in clubs that discuss the diversity of culture and the effects that it can have on the United States and other countries as well. These are very important things to understand because they can have significant effects on our daily life. Lastly, I plan to do study abroad to enhance my knowledge of other cultures. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to learn about people whose lives are different than your own and grow from them.

I will fulfill original inquiry through research. One of my main long-term goals is to become as involved in research laboratories as I can. Research is extremely important in gaining a true understanding of the discipline that you want to devote your life to. It is necessary to do research in order to be able to contribute to the knowledge of your field. Becoming involved in this way will not only give you an opportunity to gain a closer relationship with intelligent professors, but it will also give you an edge within your major. I would also like to become involved in internships, as this is another opportunity to gain an edge in your major and learn new things.

I will fulfill academic enrichment through the courses I take at Ohio State University. I have been working and will continue to work on planning classes for myself that I find to be interesting and I do not have a lot of previous knowledge about. This will challenge me to learn as much as I can and it will also enrich my life with new things that I have never previously known. Taking a variety of courses will only help me in my major of psychology, as I will be learning more about different types of people and what they value, which is the entire basis of the field. I will also achieve this through my involvement with clubs outside of class.

I will fulfill leadership development by joining clubs that I am interested in and becoming very active in those clubs. Being active in clubs will allow my voice to be heard and my opinions to be shared, and this is very important for those that want to be leaders.  I will also be a leader in the classroom through participating in class activities. Participating in undergraduate research is yet another way to fulfill leadership development, along with maintaining a university job such as the one I have, working in Thompson Library as a Special Collections Assistant.

Lastly, I will fulfill service engagement through my commitment to serving the community. I have always been passionate about community service and helping those around me and I will continue to do that throughout my time in college. I will join clubs that have a focus on community service, especially in helping the Columbus area. I will also engage in other activities that the University holds regarding community service such as filling lunches for children in the Columbus area.