I currently work at the University Libraries, in Thompson Library, as a Special Collections Assistant under the guidance of Lisa Iacobellis. I have worked in this position since August 2019. My position includes preparing, editing, proofreading, and organizing collection inventories to be submitted to the Library of Congress. I scan and photograph books, manuscripts, artwork, and artifacts to be used in the creation of databases. I attach descriptive information of Special Collections materials to be referenced and submitted by curators and students. When these materials are processed University students can then use them for research. I also assist with class sessions in the Special Collections Reading Room, open house sessions, and setting items on display within the library to benefit University students.

Additionally, I also currently serve as a research assistant in the Lifespan Adjustment Project in the Psychology Building. I have been a research assistant since January 2020. The Lifespan Adjustment Project is currently focusing on ADHD research in children. My primary duties include assisting with the collection of data and the input of this data through data analysis softwares in research studies.
I also run human research subjects through experimental procedures in a laboratory setting, following the given laboratory protocol. Additionally, I work with a research team to conduct the experiments professionally and efficiently.

During the summer of 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, I worked at my local health department, the Darke County General Health District as a contact tracer during the months of May-August. As a contact tracer, I worked closely with a team of investigators to complete, record, and organize patient case investigations that are positive with COVID-19. I provided contacts with best-practice information regarding quarantine, symptom, and monitoring measures as well as alleviate patient concerns and provide resources regarding COVID-19 via phone call. I contacted positive cases and listen to their current physical state and give recommendations on how to manage their symptoms via phone call. I also marked the patients recovered when they meet the criteria declared by the CDC and the Ohio Department of Health. I thoroughly collected and recorded patient information into centralized databases to be used by my local health department as well as the Ohio Department of Health.

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