I plan to fulfill all of the Honors program GOALS in multiple different ways.

I will fulfill global awareness by taking classes that focus on cultures and languages outside of my own. Some ways that I plan on doing this is through the completion of my foreign language requirement as well as continuing to take classes such as cultural anthropology to expand my knowledge of other cultures. I also am currently involved and will continue to be involved in clubs that discuss the diversity of culture and the effects that it can have on the United States and other countries as well. These are very important things to understand because they can have significant effects on our daily life. Lastly, I plan to do study abroad to enhance my knowledge of other cultures. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to learn about people whose lives are different than your own and grow from them.

I will fulfill original inquiry through research. One of my main long-term goals is to become as involved in research laboratories as I can. Research is extremely important in gaining a true understanding of the discipline that you want to devote your life to. It is necessary to do research in order to be able to contribute to the knowledge of your field. Becoming involved in this way will not only give you an opportunity to gain a closer relationship with intelligent professors, but it will also give you an edge within your major. I would also like to become involved in internships, as this is another opportunity to gain an edge in your major and learn new things.

I will fulfill academic enrichment through the courses I take at Ohio State University. I have been working and will continue to work on planning classes for myself that I find to be interesting and I do not have a lot of previous knowledge about. This will challenge me to learn as much as I can and it will also enrich my life with new things that I have never previously known. Taking a variety of courses will only help me in my major of psychology, as I will be learning more about different types of people and what they value, which is the entire basis of the field. I will also achieve this through my involvement with clubs outside of class.

I will fulfill leadership development by joining clubs that I am interested in and becoming very active in those clubs. Being active in clubs will allow my voice to be heard and my opinions to be shared, and this is very important for those that want to be leaders.  I will also be a leader in the classroom through participating in class activities. Participating in undergraduate research is yet another way to fulfill leadership development, along with maintaining a university job such as the one I have, working in Thompson Library as a Special Collections Assistant.

Lastly, I will fulfill service engagement through my commitment to serving the community. I have always been passionate about community service and helping those around me and I will continue to do that throughout my time in college. I will join clubs that have a focus on community service, especially in helping the Columbus area. I will also engage in other activities that the University holds regarding community service such as filling lunches for children in the Columbus area.

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