Motivate (motivate), motivate (motivate) Motivate (motivate)- J.Cole

This week focused heavily on motivation. I don’t care what stage in your academic career that you’re in, motivation is key to see through the plans and goals you have for yourself. Whether it’s a goal to study for a full hour or to get a PHD, these goals can not and will not be achieved without motivation. I think the best thing I learned or took from this module was that, “ Motivation comes from intrinsic sources related to your own growth, and interests as well as extrinsic sources of external things you hope to attain( or avoid). “ What I learned from that was, when it comes to my goals the main factors in whether I’m going to achieve what I need to achieve are 1. The drive within me and 2. Externally where I want to be or what I want ( tangible items, higher positions ). Another thing that really stood out to me in this module was no matter how small a distraction was it takes over 23 minutes to bounce back from it. This made so much sense because when I take little study breaks to tweet something on twitter, follow me, I never fully go back to the same drive or mode I was in before. Now this doesn’t mean don’t take breaks, breaks actually can serve as motivation when you’re studying just make sure they’re intentional, meaning planned our, timed and strict. Also, do something productive when you take a break, although twitter is funny, it’s not really going to contribute anything to when I have to go back to studying but let’s say, for example, taking a walk will because it’ll put me in a clear refreshing mindset before I dive back in. I enjoyed this module honestly, it’s things I’ve already learned before in high school but it was a nice refresher lesson because I did loose sight of some of the vital aspects of keeping your motivation and focus up.

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