Time management.

This week, we focused on time management again. I like to think of this week and last week as a 2 part time management series and now that we’re at the end of week 2, this is what I have gathered. For starters, it is safe to say that procrastination will indeed be the death of me. I’m so good at procrastination that I have found a way to do it in all aspects of my life whether it be academic, personal or social. It almost feels as if these two weeks were targeted for my life. This week I got to finish my time tracking sheet, and after reviewing it, it is safe to say that I basically did my whole week worth of assignments in a three day span. This is way better than cramming everything on Sunday however, it is still not as consistent as I would like it to be. I have now changed my goal from 45 minutes of school work a day, to 30 minutes hoping that this will be less intimidating and I will be more motivated to actually do it. I am also going to be mentally checking myself when I start to procrastinate, or if I have downtime that I am not productively using. Telling myself that me procrastinating is basically the end of the world, and that I’m going to fail and amount to nothing will hopefully kill this little procrastinating bug, or at least I hope so.

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