Technology, ew

This week, we focused on study tools. If you know me, then you know I hate technology. I am an 18 year old stuck in a grandmothers body. What I really liked about this week however is that I feel like I got to voice what works for me. The google calendar we made did nothing for me, the to do list just also did nothing for me and this week was more about, “ tell me what works for you , how it works for you and share it with your class”. Granted I feel like I had the most basic study tools, I talked about quizlet for gosh sake while other people were talking about these websites that I’ve never even heard of. Now don’t get me wrong, I am so open to using new things and learning about new ways to better myself but I feel not everything I’ve been doing is wrong or counter productive and I feel like this week I got to show that hey, I do have some of my things together. I also learned a new spin on an old trick which was very exciting. I just really liked this week, because I was very scared about new technology but I feel ,Ike I was heard this week, so yay

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