Shooting Sports Instructor Fall Workshop – November 5-7, 2021

The registration for the Fall Shooting Sports Workshop November 5-7th, at Canter’s Cave 4-H Camp is now live!  Information can be found on the state website here:  The direct go-link to the Qualtrics registration is:

A few things to note:

  • The registration process has been updated to an online registration. Participants will be able to pay via credit card (NelNet) or by mailing a check.
    • If mailing a check, please make sure they follow the instructions and include a list of participants. We know sometimes a 4-H Committee/Club etc. will pay for multiple people and so we need to be able to track who has paid.
  • All instructors are required to complete the National Shooting Sports online eModules prior to attending the workshop. They are being directed to contact their county 4-H professional on how to complete those modules. As of now, these only need to be completed one time.
    • If no one from your office is set up as a county manager for the online modules, contact Jeff Dick for assistance in setting up your account. You will be able to see your county, who has registered, progress made, etc.
    • Attached are instructions for how to access the modules which can be found at:
      • There currently is funding from ODNR to cover the cost of these modules. Instructors can use this code: OSUVYQSFQUM2
        • Please do not post the code on a website, but share with individual instructors directly.
  • Junior Leaders (teens who have previously completed the discipline in the county) are eligible to attend. They will need to ensure that they complete the JL application in addition to the workshop application. The JL application can be found on the state website link above. It is a paper form that is mailed to Jeff Dick and requires a 4-H professional signature at the bottom. JLs are expected to have a mentor in the discipline attend with them and an adult of the same gender who is staying in the cabin with them as a mentor also. These do not have to be the same person or from the same county. If this is the JL’s first time attending a workshop, two letters of reference are also required.
  • After registration closes, we will confirm the list of attendees with county 4-H professionals to ensure that they are approved, screened volunteers.

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