The 27th International Conference on Yue Dialects

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This conference — hosted by The Ohio State University — will be held virtually via Zoom on the evenings of November 30 to December 2, 2023 (Eastern Time Zone).

The dates correspond to the mornings of December 1-3 (Friday to Sunday) in East Asia.

The conference Program is now online. Check it out!

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The International Conference on Yue Dialects, first launched in 1987 in Hong Kong by the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, debuts this year as the first overseas event, outside China and its two SARs, Hong Kong and Macau! We at The Ohio State University are honored to serve as the 2023 host of this prestigious conference series. We look forward to welcoming presenters and attendees from around the world with interest in linguistic research on Cantonese and other Yue dialects.

As part of the conference, we are excited to welcome three keynote speakers.

Keynote Speaker 1:
Professor Dana Scott Bourgerie (Brigham Young University)
Lecture Title: “Mapping the Chinese Diaspora: Dialects in Southeast Asia” (Abstract and Short Bio)

Keynote Speaker 2:
Professor Gina Anne Tam (Trinity University)
Lecture Title: “Re-imagining language communities beyond the nation-state: The past, present and future of Yue fangyan” (Abstract and Short Bio)

Keynote Speaker 3:
Professor Holman Tse (St. Catherine University)
Logo - 27th International Conference on Yue DialectsLecture Title: “Why study Cantonese vowel variation?” (Abstract and Short Bio)

In addition to regular panels, there will also be two special panels:

Special Panel 1 (Raymond Pai, chair):
Cantonese Pedagogical Resources in the AI Era

Special Panel 2 (Zoe Lam, chair):
Towards an Inclusive Pedagogy for Cantonese Language Education

For any questions, please reach out to the conference organizers at <>.


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此日期對應東亞時間 12 月 1 日至 3 日(週五至週日)上午。

下載程序表: Yue2023 Program Book cover

Yue2023 Program Schedule
(8 pages, pdf, 11.29.2023 – new final)


Yue2023 Program Book
(104 pages, pdf, 11.30.2023 – new final)

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國際粵方言研討會是由香港語言學會和香港中文大學於1987年首次在香港舉行。今年是首次在中國及其兩個特別行政區(香港和澳門)以外國家舉行的會議! 我們俄亥俄州立大學很榮幸能夠擔任本屆會議的主辦方。 我們歡迎來自世界各地對粵語和其他粵語方言的語言研究感興趣的講者和與會者。


演講標題: 華僑遷徙的蹤跡:東南亞的華語方言摘要與講者簡介

潭吉娜教授 (三一大學)
演講標題: 重塑國家以外的語言社區:粵方言的過去、現在與將來摘要與講者簡介

謝浩明教授 (聖凱瑟琳大學)
Logo - 27th International Conference on Yue Dialects演講標題: 為何研究粵語元音變體?摘要與講者簡介

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