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We are pleased to announce that The 27th International Conference on Yue Dialects will be held virtually via Zoom on the evenings of November 30 to December 2, 2023 (Eastern Time Zone), corresponding to the mornings of December 1-3, 2023 in East Asia.

The conference is organized by the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at The Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. The theme of the conference is: Visions, Variation, and Vitality in Yue Dialects. Under this theme, we welcome communication from different branches of Cantonese linguistic studies, as well as discussions on the future developments of Yue dialects in the post-pandemic society.

We cordially invite abstracts for submission on all aspects of linguistics of Cantonese and other Yue dialects, and especially those associated with the theme of the conference.

Details of the Conference are as follows:
The conference will consist of three keynote talks plus parallel sessions.

Keynote Speaker 1:
Professor Dana Bourgerie (Brigham Young University)
Lecture Title: “Mapping the Chinese Diaspora: Dialects in Southeast Asia”  (Abstract and Short Bio)

Keynote Speaker 2:
Professor Gina Anne Tam (Trinity University)
Lecture Title: “Re-imagining language communities beyond the nation-state: The past, present and future of Yue fangyan” (Abstract and Short Bio)

Keynote Speaker 3:
Professor Holman Tse (St. Catherine University)
Lecture Title: “Why study Cantonese vowel variation?” (Abstract and Short Bio)

Submission of Abstracts
We invite abstracts for submission on all aspects of linguistics of Cantonese and other Yue dialects, especially associated with the theme on “Visions, Variation, and Vitality in Yue Dialects” Talks will be 20 minutes, followed by Q&A.

  1. All submitted abstracts can be written in English or in Chinese and limited to one single-spaced A4 page, with 1-inch margin all around. References must be on the first page, but figures may be placed on a second page. Use Times, or Times New Roman, and in 12-point size, except for the title, which is in 14-point size. For an example formatted abstract, please see the following sample.
  2. Please submit TWO versions of your abstract (one version with the author’s name and affiliation, and one version without) to the Organizing Committee via the Abstract Submission Page. (
  3. Abstracts submitted must be in both MS Word format AND PDF format. In total, four versions.
  4. We will accept at most one single-authored work AND one joint-authored work by an individual.
  5. All abstracts will be reviewed anonymously. Only those abstracts that are accepted can be chosen for presentation.
  6. Important Dates:Logo - 27th International Conference on Yue Dialects
      September 17, 2023 11:59 PM Eastern Time – Closed
      By October 15, 2023

All questions can be directed to the Organizing Committee using the address: <> or can be found on the conference website: <>.

第二十七屆國際粵方言研討會將於2023年11月30日到12月2日晚上(美國東部時間)以Zoom視像方式召開。此日期對應東亞時間 12 月 1 日至 3 日(週五至週日)上午。




演講標題: 未定(摘要與講者簡介

潭吉娜教授 (三一大學)
演講標題: 未定 (摘要與講者簡介

謝浩明教授 (聖凱瑟琳大學)
演講標題: 為何研究粵語元音變體?摘要與講者簡介



  1. 論文提要可用中文或英文撰寫,不超過一頁A4紙。 論文摘要請使用新細明體12點,英文字使用泰晤士新羅馬字體 (Times New Roman)。摘要與關鍵參考文獻須在第一頁若有圖形及範例須置於第二頁。請參照本示例:yue2023_sample
  2. 提要一式兩份,一份署名,一份匿名,通過網上系統提交。(
  3. 以電郵附件形式投寄提要時,須MS Word檔及PDF檔兼備。
  4. 每個人最多只能提交一篇單獨撰寫的提要和一篇合寫的提要。
  5. 論文提要須經匿名評審,通過評審後始能在研討會上報告。
  6. 重要日期:
    • 論文提要投寄截止日期 延長至: 2023年9月17日11:59 PM (美國東部時間)
    • 提要評審結果公佈日期:2023年10月15日或之前

如有疑問,歡迎來信諮詢會議籌委會 <> 或查看會議網站 <>.