Harvey Lodish, PhD, speaks at the MLS Seminar Series

Dr. Yoder is hosting Harvey Lodish, Ph.D. for today’s MLS seminar series. Dr. Lodish is a Professor in both Biology and Bioengineering departments at MIT as well as a founding member of the Whitehead Institute. His seminar at 4:00 is titled “Stem cells, transit amplifying cells, and the regulation of red blood cell production: Development of new therapies for erythropoietin-resistant anemias”.

CRR Distinguished Career Award to Eric Freed, Ph.D.

This year’s recipient of the OSU Center for Retrovirus Research Distinguished Career Award is Eric Freed, Ph.D., Director of the HIV Dynamics and Replication Program at the National Cancer Institute. His seminar title is “HIV Replication: Where have we come from and where are we going?”.

ASV Retrovirus-Host Interactions Workshop

Unfortunately the annual meeting of the American Society for Virology was cancelled. Instead, virtual workshops will be conducted. Dr. Yoder is presenting at the Retrovirus-Host Interaction workshop. The title of her presentation is “Prototype foamy virus and mouse mammary tumor virus intasomes display unique target DNA search dynamics”.

Dr. Yoder speaks to the Ohio Virology Association

The Ohio Virology Association is run by graduate students interested in virology. They organize a monthly seminar featuring external and OSU faculty speakers. Their February meeting hosts Dr. Yoder with the seminar “Retroviral Integration: the good, the bad, and the targeted”.