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I have devoted my career to research, teaching, and service to promote the understanding of social problems that afflict urban communities in poverty.  As a criminologist, with multidisciplinary training, situated in an interdisciplinary unit of Human Sciences at OSU, my work focuses on the intersections of context, development and policy/practice.  I pride myself on being an engaged scholar with strong activist leanings.  My scholarly work on understanding the decision making of shooters has been used to develop and refine gun violence prevention strategies around the country. As an ethnographic and applied researcher, I devote considerable time to:

  • community partnerships;
  • working directly with youth and adults to develop, implement, and evaluate intervention/prevention strategies;
  • creating opportunities for student involvement in the community; and
  • building lasting relationships with people situated in neighborhoods characterized by high rates of poverty and violence.

I am passionate about making a difference to promote community safety and healing from the adverse effects of poverty and violence.  The photo gallery below includes some of my favorite memories of the past few years in Columbus, Ohio.  I am fortunate to be part of such a wonderful community!

Forging researcher-community partnerships to reduce gun violence has been a hallmark of my career. My efforts to bridge the many gaps between research and practice over the past five years are documented in our eNewsletter From Research to Practice which has been published quarterly since the fall of 2009.  Read about our work in the CSI eNewsletter From Research to Practice: Bridging the Gaps through Collaboration. To get involved directly in our collaborative work on the South side of Columbus, I invite you to join our by installing our Ministries4Movement mobile app.

In 2015, I started a new area of discovery with the creation of the Urban GEMS program. To learn more about Urban GEMS visit our webpage.


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