Working Papers

“Specialized Investments and Firms’ Boundaries: Evidence from Textual Analysis of Patents,” (with Jan Bena, Isil Erel, and Daisy Wang).

“Risk Perceptions, Board Networks, and Directors’ Monitoring,” (with Wenzhi (Dave) Ding, Chen Lin and Thomas Schmid).

“Climate Change and Corporate Investments: Evidence from Planned Power Plants” (with Chen Lin and Thomas Schmid), under revision for The Journal of Finance.

“Discount Rate Risk in Private Equity: Evidence from Secondary Market Transactions” (with Brian Boyer, Taylor D. Nadauld, and Keith P. Vorkink), under revision for The Journal of Finance.

“The Role of Financial Conditions in Portfolio Choices: The Case of Insurers” (with Shan Ge), Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.

“The Cash Flow Sensitivity of Cash: Replication, Extension and Robustness” (with Heitor Almedia and Murillo Campello), Critical Finance Review, forthcoming.