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Noah Trainor ▪ ▪ BS│Psychcology





The Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP) is a program which hosts several internships at various locations across the country. While many of these internships are based in the STEM field, the particular one I am interested in is a paid psychology research position at the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) in Patrick Air Force Base, Florida. I would be staying there all summer conducting research about LGBT issues, sexual harassment, race, gender, and many other topics. I am fully responsible for obtaining my own housing and transportation while there.



I first heard about this internship from my assistant hall director. He told me about his experience at this very internship and encouraged me to apply. I did some research to confirm my interest in the DEOMI location, and I ended up with it after all. My goal is to complete this project the summer after my Junior year. The program is competitive, so I will need to start applying early next semester for the program (as well as for scholarships). I must start planning early with my family to make sure that the timing is right, and to ensure that I have all the necessary resources to attend his internship (such as a car, proper clothes, etc).




As my project is not yet completed I do not have any definitive results. I do, however, expect that I will grow as a person not only via my potential career experience but also as a person. I hope to work in a research facility studying social psychology after graduation, so an experience like this can help me determine if that is a reasonable goal for me. I also feel that by traveling to a new state alone and having to live almost entirely independently will help me grow in my personal life.



I feel that I will gain valuable experiences that I cannot obtain by just staying on campus. As I mentioned above, I aim to work in this field and I know that this internship will be a valuable tool in furthering my pursuit of this goal. I will gain valuable laboratory experience that can help show future employers that I have a genuine talent for and interest in the field. I enjoy the culture and art sides of the humanities field, and this will project has help me to experience and study new cultures in an area I’ve never been to.



My First Semester at OSU

My first semester at The Ohio State University has honestly been so, so nice! Coming in, I thought that I would have trouble finding friends, that I would get impossible professors, or that I would get a horror-story worthy roommate. In reality, I found around a dozen friends who I still hang out with before classes even started! All of my professors have been incredibly understanding and skilled at teaching their material. Whenever I needed help, they were there for me. As for my final fear, my roommate has been great and polite (even when I sometimes forget to be). Overall, my first semester at OSU has been better than I ever could have imagined before coming here.

Humans of OSU


This is Kyle. He’s a first year from a suburb outside of Cleveland. Having lived there his whole life, he’s proud of the university and high school he went to (as shown via his senior class of 2016 shirt). In high school, he was a good As and Bs student who played baseball for 2 years (and enjoyed every second of it). He is currently loving life in THE Ohio State University as he pursues his major in accounting.

My First Week at OSU

My first week at OSU was quite an enlightening adventure. I’ve realized more and more how different the adult world is from high school. Going into college, I expected an inverse of the high school student-to-teacher dynamic: no longer will teachers hunt you down for work; you are responsible for yourself and your assignments. Sadly this expectation translated into a mindset that I had to revere my professors with nigh unnecessary levels of respect. As such, I actually missed my first class because I was afraid to walk in and interrupt my professor’s class. After emailing him, however, I found that if the student shows due respect and tries their best, the professor is usually understanding and (to an extent) forgiving. Aside from that experience, however, my first week at OSU was possibly one of the most fun weeks of my life (while still being an educational experience). I hope that my OSU and Humanities Scholars experiences are each as wonderful as this first week has been and also educate and prepare me for the amazing and terrifying and amazing adult world which looms ahead of me.

Year in Review

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