November 2022

  • Ben’s and Hannah’s paper is online at RNA Biology. The piRNA family is truly fascinating from evolutionary perspective.
  • Wen officially joins the CMBP program. We are looking forward to the interaction with other labs.
  • Wen gives the guest lecture on Regulatory RNAs. It feels great to interact with new students.

October 2022

  • Ben is being selected as a speaker at the Rustbelt RNA meeting.
  • Hannah, Ian, Jillian, and Yi-Hui present their unpublished work at Rustbelt RNA meeting.
  • Wen presents our most recent progress on piRNAs at CMBP seminar series

September 2022

  • Our lab moves to a spacious room. So we can train more students.

August 2022

  • Ian is elected as the president of the RNA Biology Student Organization.
  • Wen gives preceptor talks to the fresh graduate students. We are eager to work with students for their rotations.

June 2022

  • Hannah and Ben post their pre-print on piRNA evolution at bioRxiv. Comments are welcome.

May 2022

  • Ian Price won the best poster presentation award in the annual CMBP/RNA Center symposium. Congratulations!
  • Both Ian and Ben become the RNA center fellow. We are proud of their achievements. Keep up the good work.

April 2022

  • Hannah and Ian co-author a method paper. We hope this protocol will help investigators probe membrane-less condensates.
  • Wen hosts Dr. Scott Kennedy as the MLS speaker (an in-person seminar). Nontemplated GU additions are wild.

February 2022

  • Yi-Hui from OSBP decides to conduct her thesis project in Tang lab. Welcome!
  • Wen shares the latest research progress in the MLS seminar.

January 2022

  • Jillian, an OSBP student, starts her rotation. She is interested in understanding how Piwi/piRNAs are degraded.
  • Ian kick-starts the joint lab meeting with Dr. Tu lab.
  • Wen resumes his teaching duties. It’s exciting to interact with a cohort of new students.

December 2021

  • Ian cruises through his candidacy exam. Job well done!

November 2021

  • Ian overcomes adversity and publishes his work at eLife. Congratulations to Ian and the team.
  • Dr. Geraldine Seydoux visits us virtually. Amazing talk and fascinating biology.
  • Wen gives a guest lecture at Advanced Biochemistry: Molecular Biology. It feels great to interact with students in-person.

October 2021

  • In addition to pipetting and coding, Ben is learning how to change diapers. What a thrilling year for Ben!

September 2021

  • Ben passes his candidacy exam with flying colors.
  • Ben presents his work at the 2021 Rustbelt RNA meeting. He receives the best student presentation award. Congratulations!
  • Our research is funded by a five-year MIRA award. Thanks for the support from NIH.
  • Wen gives a talk at the annual Riboclub conference. Non-coding RNAs are truly fascinating.

August 2021

  • Jillian officially joins Tang lab as a research assistant. We are looking forward to working with her.
  • Yi-hui Wang from OSBP starts her rotation. Welcome to the team.
  • Wen gives a talk at the Biophysics seminar series. Thanks for the opportunity to share our recent work.

July 2021

  • Ian’s manuscript “Proximity labeling identifies LOTUS domain proteins that promote the formation of perinuclear germ granules in C. elegans” is currently under review. The preprint is deposited at bioRxiv. Critics and comments are welcome.
  • Our manuscript entitled “pre-piRNA trimming and 2′-O-methylation protect piRNAs from 3’ tailing and degradation in C. elegans” is accepted at Cell Reports. Congratulations to Ben, Hannah and Ian. Ben cannot wait to write up his next paper, but he decides to pass his qualifying exam first.

June 2021

  • Jillian Wagner from Molecular Genetics starts her research in our lab. Welcome.
  • Ian gives presentation in the international C. elegans meeting. It feels good to reconnect with friends. Hope everyone stays safe.

May 2021

  • Ian Price gives an oral presentation in IGP symposium and he wins the best presentation award. Way to go!
  • Wen serves as a judge in IGP symposium.
  • Wen gives a talk in 2021 RNA society meeting. He wishes this 11 day meeting could last longer.

April 2020

  • Wen gives an invited seminar at the Annual ASBMB meeting. It’s a great honor to be in the same session with Dr. Haifan Lin-a pioneer in the piRNA field, and with many prominent RNA biologists.

March 2021

  • Wen participates in OSBP recruiting, and enjoys interacting with prospective students virtually.

February 2021

  • Wen resumes his teaching on Post-transcriptional gene regulation. We have a large class this year. Students want to become more knowledgeable about RNA.
  • Amber Anger from MCDB program starts her rotation project with us. Welcome.

January 2021

  • We are now part of Biophysics graduate program. Positions are open. We welcome students with computational and biophysics background.
  • Maya Archambault starts her research with us. Welcome.

December 2020

  • Benjamin’s first manuscript “pre-piRNA trimming and 2′-O-methylation protect piRNAs from 3’ tailing and degradation” is out for review. Good luck!

November 2020

  • Wen joins other faculty members for a panel discussion in Ohio State Postdoc Recruiting Event.

October 2020

  • Ian Price, Hannah Hertz and Benjamin Pastore give poster presentation in 2020 Rustbelt RNA Meeting.
  • Wen serves as a judge in 2020 Rustbelt RNA Meeting.

July 2020

  • We start ramping up research.
  • The Novaseq platform gives tons of data. We love it.

June 2020

  • We slowly return to the lab from the pandemic shutdown.

May 2020

  • Wen attends Virtual Conference Regulatory & Non-Coding RNAs.
  • We have to move our journal club and group meeting online.
  • It is possible to cultivate worms at home. But it is a bad idea to do heat shock using gas ranges.





March 2020

  • Ian Price and Benjamin Pastore decide to join Tang lab for their thesis research. We will make a great team.
  • Covid hits. Everything shuts down. Hope everyone stay safe.

February 2020

  • McKenna Albers from BSGP starts rotation with us.
  • Wen gives a talk at OSBP recruiting event.
  • It’s great to join brilliant RNA biologists, Amrit, Anita, and Dawn to teach Post-transcriptional gene regulation. We will have a blast.

Jan. 2020

  • Nikola Ricchiuti, majoring in Biochemistry and math, joins our lab for research internship.
  • Benjamin Pastore from OSBP program starts his rotation project.

November 2019

  • Hannah Hertz joins Tang lab as a research technician. Welcome!
  • We receive the first batch of Next-Gen sequencing data~400 gigabyte file consisting of A T C G.
  • Basmah (smile) wins Presentation Award at 2019 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minoritized Scientists

October 2019

  • Wen is invited for an oral presentation at the 2019 Rustbelt RNA Meeting.
  • Keefe McDougal, an OSBP student, begins his rotation in the lab.

September 2019

  • Ian Price from OSBP program starts his rotation with us.

August 2019

  • Dr. Pei and Wen lead the OSBP student seminar course. Look forward the interaction with the First year and Second year students.
  • Basmah Maiga joins lab as a research assistant.

July 2019

  • Microinjection system is set up. It’s time to do some CRISPR editing.





June 2019

  • Samuel Charles joins Tang lab. Welcome!
  • We have our first joint worm meeting with Chamberlin and Dawes labs.

May 2019

  • Wen gives an invited talk at 2nd Conference on Biomotors, Virus Assembly, and Nanobiotechnology Applications.
  • We have BBQ with Nakanishi and Singh groups. Thanks Kotaro for organizing this wonderful party.
  • Unpacking and more unpacking





April 2019

  • We obtain an account with Ohio Supercomputer Center. Thanks for providing computation resources free of charge.
  • We are part of OSBP graduate program now.

March 2019

  • Wen becomes a member of the Center for RNA Biology. It is always about RNA.
  • Wen presents his work at the MLS seminar series.

Feb. 2019

  • We join MCDB graduate program.

Jan. 2019

  • Tang lab is officially open. Positions at all levels are available.
  • Our NIH R00 grant is activated.