Lab Member

Wen Tang Ph.D
Group Leader
Department of Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology and The Center for RNA Biology

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Hannah Hertz

Research Assistant II (joined in 2019)

Hannah’s interests include examining the role of piRNAs in promoting fertility and identifying novel piRNA pathway components



Benjamin Pastore

Ph.D. Student (joined in 2020), The Ohio State Biochemistry Program

Benjamin is interested in uncovering novel biological mechanisms involved in regulating the biogenesis, maturation, and degradation of piRNAs, and other small noncoding RNAs. To facilitate his research Benjamin utilizes high throughput approaches such as RNA-sequencing in conjunction with bioinformatics.



Ian Price

Ph.D. Student (joined in 2020), The Ohio State Biochemistry Program

Using confocal fluorescence microscopy and CRISPR genome engineering, Ian is working to identify and characterize novel RNA and protein constituents of germ granules




Jillian Wagner

Research Assistant (Joined in 2021), Department of Molecular Genetics

Jillian is interested in identifying novel regulatory proteins and exploring their roles in P granule formation and function



Yi-Hui Wang

Ph.D. Student (joined in 2022), The Ohio State Biochemistry Program

Yi-Hui’s work aims to identify new players involved in piRNA biogenesis and characterize their function through biochemical and bioinformatics approaches.





C. elegans with interesting phenotype







Ohio Supercomputer Center

(It operates 24/7 with no coffee break)






Yuhi Hakozaki, Undergraduate (2022), Biochemistry and Computer & Information Science

Jillian Poska, Rotation Student (2022), The Ohio State Biochemistry Program

Amber Anger, Rotation Ph.D. Student (2021), The Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology Program

Shuting Kang, Undergraduate (2021), Biochemistry

Maya Archambault, Undergraduate student (2021), Microbiology

Nikola Ricchiuti, Undergraduate student (2020), Biochemistry and Math

McKenna Albers, Rotation Ph.D. Student (2020), The Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

Wantong Li, Undergraduate student (2019), College of Pharmacy

Keefe McDougal, Rotation Ph.D. Student (2019), The Ohio State Biochemistry Program

Charles Samuel, Research Assistant (2019)

Basmah (smile) Abdallah Maiga, Undergraduate student (2019), Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry