2014 Ohio State Symphonic Band - Dr. Scott A. Jones, conductor

2014 Ohio State Symphonic Band – Dr. Scott A. Jones, conductor

Inspired by the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra (New York, NY), the world-renowned chamber orchestra that – since its founding in 1972 – has been rehearsing, performing, and recording without the aid of a traditional conductor, the musicians of the Ohio State Symphonic Band (left) and their conductor Dr. Scott A. Jones began to explore the ways in which a traditional concert band might adapt to that model of rehearsal and performance. Since early spring of 2014, in addition to “traditional” rehearsal and performance with a conductor, Symphonic Band musicians have been regularly doing so without the aid of a conductor. Committing to this collaborative way of rehearsing a large ensemble has brought all of the musicians into deep engagement with music and one another.

The short videos on this blog are designed to reveal what this kind of rehearsal process “looks and sounds like” within a traditional concert band setting.

A special debt of gratitude is owed to videographers Maria Androulakakis and Shujian Wang, data transfer manager Mario Marini, sound technician Mark Rubinstein, and eLearning Program Manager in the College of Arts and Sciences Doug Dangler. Without your insights, professionalism, and grace, this project would never have been!

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  1. Dear Dr. Jones,

    I am a director of a select Wind Ensemble at the Guilderland High school in the Albany, New York area. One of my former students, Joe Sipzner, flute player, was a student in this organization awhile back. In one of our conversations, he was talking about the collaborative rehearsal techniques you were doing within your organization. I have been dabbling with this effort for a number of years and he mentioned how what a wonderful experience it was to have this experience.
    The information you have on your site is very helpful and validating knowing I am using similar efforts. We only have 40 minutes every other day so you can only imagine is sub par. I do the best I can with this effort within this time frame and the students, being young, are at different levels of maturity.
    We are going to share this collaborative efforts at he NYSBDA Sympoisum and wanted to let you know that your material helped to clarify some points. Do you have any objection to me sharing the video with my students and let them know that one of our alumni was a part of your awesome program.
    Thank you again for all you are doing!
    Kathleen R. Ehlinger

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