“Eagle Squadron” Rehearsals

Rehearsal 1 – Eagle Squadron by Kenneth Alford, ed. Rogers

This video clip shows portions of the very first collaborative rehearsal with the Autumn 2014 Symphonic Band on this composition.


Rehearsal in high definition

Rehearsal 2 – Eagle Squadron by Kenneth Alford, ed. Rogers

This video contains footage from the second collaborative rehearsal of this composition. Highlights of this video include:

  • modeling (versus verbal description)
  • wrestling with agreement on smaller details (note lengths)
  • gaining a sense of consensus (both to stylistic ideas and rehearsal sequence)
  • full run-through of the composition (a sense for “macro”)
  • evaluation of rehearsal and planning for the ensuing rehearsal

Rehearsal 2

Rehearsal 2 in high definition video

Rehearsal 4 – Highlights of these video segments include:

  • exploration of various shorter sections of the first portion of the work
  • re-starting (ensemble dissatisfaction with quality of start)
  • feedback from ensemble members in audience
  • run-through of composition
  • post-performance etiquette

Rehearsal 3

Video in high definition

Performance of Eagle Squadron by Kenneth Alford, ed. Rogers by the Ohio State Symphonic Band on October 8, 2014 in Weigel Auditorium.

Rehearsal 4

Video in high definition

One thought on ““Eagle Squadron” Rehearsals

  1. Hello, I was referred to this video by one of my former students who is now a member of the band. Joey Sipzner, flute. Our band rehearsals have been increasingly collaborative without the conductor and I found your rehearsals fascinating. I have never heard of this as a specific method but I am energized to hear that you are embracing this. One of my concerns is that the students are much younger, 9-12, though, very mature as far as High Schoolers go. We have only 40 minutes of a rehearsal every other day so I find it more difficult keep the rehearsal focused in addtion to the ability to talk about the history, composer or character of the piece. We have been using the Treasurey of Scales and March Books for the first part of the semester. Each student is given a list of suggested common musical vocabulary words for help in making comments to the group.
    Thank you for posting this and I hope to hear more wonderful things about your program through Joey. Sincerely,

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