Informational Interview – Social Work

For my survey class informational interview, I interviewed Paige, a senior in the social work program.

Q: When and why did you decide on this major?

A:  I decided on social work in spring of my freshman year. I got interested in the social work program after my aunt fostered two little babies who were born addicted to drugs. It exposed me to who social workers actually are and what they do, and I realized it was a really good way to help people. I also took the intro to social work class as my social diversity GE and every week I learned more about the career and thought, “I could see myself doing this”.

Q: Did you start in this major? If so, did you ever question your decision? If not, what was your previous major(s) and how did you decide on this one?

A: I actually started in exploration in the fall of my freshman year, and then switched to the pre-major for social work after I learned more about it through my aunt’s experience, as well as different volunteer experiences I had. I never really questioned it after I decided on the pre-major.

Q: What was your favorite major class?

A: I’m taking a class right now called “Engagement and Interview Skills”. It’s all about practicing talking to people, practicing therapy and case work, and just trying to get to the root of the problem they’re having.

Q: What was your favorite non-major class?

A: I took a History of Food class last year and loved it. We talked about chocolate, coffee, all sorts of food. I actually wrote a 10 page paper about pasta, it was so fun getting a different perspective on something  that you don’t really think about as having much of a history.

Q: What kinds of extracurricular experiences (research, internships, co-ops, student organizations, study abroad, etc) have you had? Why did you choose those particular opportunities? How have they benefited you? What are your plans for after graduation?

A: I was really involved in MOUNT leadership my freshman year. It was a really good way to get leadership experience, and I got to have some really good volunteer experiences that helped me decide on my major. I was also an ambassador for the college of social work and I was an RA last year and this year. I was really looking for experiences that would let me help others and grow as a leader, and I think they all have helped me do that. After graduation I plan to become a licensed social worker and find work at an agency somewhere.

I decided to talk to Paige because she’s my RA. When I was thinking of who I could interview, I remembered that she was a social work major, so I asked and she agreed. I think talking to Paige was really helpful, I didn’t really know all that much about what the social work major was about, although I was interested in it. After talking to her, I don’t think social work is for me. I really admire what they do, but I’m not sure I would actually be good at solving everyone’s personal problems. I did get to learn more about social work and the different classes they take, which was really interesting. I didn’t really know about all the different people that social worker’s help, like Paige’s aunt and the two babies who were born addicted to drugs. I learned about the biological and psychological mechanisms behind babies born addicted to drugs in my classes this semester, but it was interesting hearing the more social, human aspect of it. I don’t think I want to do social work as a career so I don’t need any more information on it, so I think I’ll try to do some more informational interviews with some other seniors in majors I’m still considering, and take classes next semester that will help me narrow down my options. I think the most helpful major exploration tools for me this semester were the college lectures and the FOCUS assessment in survey class. I really liked the college lectures because it gave me a little more specific information to consider, and I really liked the lectures that had student panels, as they were able to give a more personal perspective on the program. The FOCUS assessment was helpful because it made me consider my strengths more seriously as a way to determine what my major should be. Overall, exploration survey class has been really helpful in narrowing down a major and I’m glad I’m taking this time to figure out what I really want to do.

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