The U.S. State Department provides updated information for travelers to Panama here.


Airfare is not included in the price of the program. Each participant will be responsible for their own reservation, and payment will be made directly to an airline or travel agency (not to OSU or ¡EPA!).

More information about SSAST travel to Panama is provided by our hosts once a student has been accepted. Applicants are asked not to purchase their airline tickets until they are aware of these specific arrival and departure parameters.


As of January 2024, a visa is not needed for stays in Panama (by U.S. citizens) of less than 90 days. More information is available here.


The program includes accommodations in Panama from Tuesday, July 9 through Thursday, July 25. Unless they combine program travel with another destination or an extended stay in Panama, participants will almost surely leave the U.S. early on Tuesday, July 9 and arrive back in the U.S. on Thursday, July 25.

The program administrators reserve the right to alter these dates, destinations, and program details.