Welcome to the Spanish-Speech and Hearing Science Major at OSU!

The Spanish-Speech & Hearing Science Double Major at Ohio State combines two strong programs, one in the Humanities (Spanish) and the other in Social & Behavioral Sciences (Speech & Hearing Science), to prepare the best candidates in the country for graduate programs in Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology.

The objective is to develop substantial language proficiency and knowledge of Spanish-speaking cultures, through Department of Spanish & Portuguese coursework and through a two-semester junior year abroad at an OSU-approved education abroad program.

During this year, students will complete Spanish major coursework and volunteer in a speech and hearing clinic (logopedia in Spain), with the goal of learning something about appropriate clinical interactions with families and patients in Spanish. Further, students will complete the Ohio State Department of Speech & Hearing Science undergraduate major, which includes the prerequisite courses for US graduate programs in Speech-Language Pathology.

For more information on each specific major, see the Department of Speech and Hearing Science and the Department of Spanish & Portuguese websites.

See our Plan of Study for a sample 4 year academic plan, including a year abroad.