Projects & Programs

Health Care Initiatives

Juntos para el bienestar en la diabetes

The Heritage Language Health Professions Corps

Educational Initiatives

Seminars abroad for Spanish Speakers

Community Initiatives

The Bilingual Storybook Project

OhioHabla Podcast

Ohio Habla is a podcast born out of the oral history project about Latin@s in Ohio, Oral Narratives of Latin@s in Ohio (ONLO). It seeks to amplify the Latin@ experience with interviews in Spanish, English and Spanglish.

OSU Día de los Muertos

What is el Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead?) Every cultural group has a way to remember the dead. Día de los Muertos arises out of the contact between indigenous and European Spanish cultures.  Although the customs and symbols most frequently observed in the United States are adaptations of Mexican practices and aesthetics, the day is connected to diverse meanings and rituals throughout Latin America.  Observed on the first two days of November, the season is filled with preparations to welcome the souls of the departed.  Unlike Halloween in the United States, Día de los Muertos is both a time of thoughtful remembrance and joyful revelry.  The symbolism is not meant to be frightening, and it maintains robust ties to indigenous spirituality.

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