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IMPACT Program Goals

  • Address language barriers in healthcare by training bilingual high school students to become medical interpreters
  • Expand career and college opportunities for Latino high school students


IMPACT Program Components


1. High School and CImage and text: College Credit, Mentoring, Training, Internship, Certificationollege level coursework in Spanish

2. Academic and Professional Mentoring

3. Medical Interpreting Training

4. Medical Interpreter Internships

5. National Certification


Please visit the Project Goals page for more information and contact us if you have questions or would like to get involved.


The Interpreter Experience: Community Connection

Darsy Amaya is a certified medical interpreter and a Core Staff member of Interpreting Services at a pediatric hospital. Darsy shares what her job is like and how her cultural background and bilingual skills enable her to advocate for patients and to connect with her community. She is originally from Honduras and grew up in NYC. She has enjoyed living and working in Columbus, Ohio as an interpreter for almost 15 years. Additionally, she owns a jewelry business.

Link to video - The Interpreter Experience: Entering the Profession   Link to Video - The Interpreter Experience: Stories from the Hospital    Link to Video - The Interpreter Experience: Work & Life Balance